Case Studies- Architecture, Steel, MEP, Structural, Facade, Point Cloud

Integrated BIM

hvac bim case study

Imperial Avenue

The Proposed Residential Development is comprised of 40 story tower, which sits tall over a distinct 5 story podium base (G+M+4 Podiums) which acts as the base for the tower.

hvac bim case study

7001 Arlington Road

This construction project involved a 150,000 sq. ft. residential and commercial building including 140 multi-family dwelling units with 15% MPDUs as well as 7,000 square feet of retail space.

Integrated bim case study

WEST O’ahu Station Group

West O’ahu Station Group project contained a set of stations. Detailed scope included modeling of Architectural, Structural and..MEP services in LOD 300.


MEP BIM services for Pumping station

Lardner’s Point Pumping Station

Lardner’s Point Pumping Station (LPPS) is the largest finished water pumping station in the City of Philadelphia, conveying over 30% of the water consumed by the city on an average day.

mep bim case study

Toyota Showroom

The Honda-Toyota facility project in Seattle covering an area of 480,000 sq. feet required Advenser to model, coordinate and use this model for all other future showrooms.

mep bim case study

Ft. Bliss Clinics

The scope of work for this hospital project was to model and coordinate the clinical buildings which have a total area of 500,000 sq. ft. Advenser delivered MEP models using AutoCAD..

mep bim case study

Google Kirkland Phase II

In Google Kirkland campus, located in Washington, a new 2-storey office building was proposed to suit existing office building over one level of structured parking.

mep bim

CCU Science Building

Advenser’s scope of work in the Science Building project was modeling and coordination of MEP services including HVAC and plumbing over the total.

hvac bim case study

7001 Arlington Road

This project was executed with a turnaround time of over 5 months with the intensity of work performed depending necessarily on the stage of project

mep bim case study

200 Sydney St, Cambridge

200 Sydney St, located in Fort Washington Research Center is a 4 story laboratory & office building. A major renovation work was planned in case of HVAC ducts.

Architecture BIM


Movenpick city hotel

Movenpick city hotel is an ongoing design-build project which started in October 2014 for which we are performing Procurement BIM services for which we have engaged 8 resources in an hourly billing business model.

Architecture bim case study

KOR Villas

This resort villas situated in Hawaii for which the client had a requirement for the creation of BIM model with level of detailing LOD 300 for six floors approximately covering 1 Million sq. ft. including a main building

Architecture content creation

Simple Spec Doors

Simple Spec doors consist of five unique doors with sliding and pivot operations with each door differing from the guide through which it slides. The scope included frameless doors and doors with frames.

Architectural bim modeling

Ivy Quad Condominiums

Ivy Quad townhouse complex is located in South Bend, US.  This Luxury townhomes and flats were another milestone for Advenser.  It took around 2 months to complete BIM modeling

Architectural bim


Montrose-1 & 2 was a residential and hotel apartment development by Deyaar PJSC. The project consists of three 20 story towers. We made a BIM with LOD 300 specification for their coordination purposes.

landscape bim

Plot 18 Business Bay

Plot 18 Business Bay was a project involving landscape modeling and coordination services from Advenser. The client had a requirement of developing a landscape BIM model in Revit which can further..

Architectural bim modeling

Simple Spec Partitions

Inputs from the client included detailed specification set in CAD and pdf formats and also iges files for modeling the irregular shapes. Advenser delivered Revit model for commercial purpose.

Architectural bim modeling

CP-04 Expo Village Road

Located midway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, this road corridor is going to be unveiled at the world’s largest Expo event at Dubai in 2020. Advenser’s Architectural team executed the BIM project in Autodesk Civil 3D.

Steel detailing

LAF Pompano

LAF Pompano

LAF Pompano is a fitness club with 2 stories covering an area of 57000 sq.ft.The scope of work required Advenser to model steel elements (structural steel, precast panel connections and misc. steel) using Tekla

steel detailing

New McDonough High School

The high school project involved structures that comprised of heavy loped truss members, auditorium, catwalk structure, gymnasium, classrooms, parking garage and eight stair towers.

Facade/ Curtain Wall detailing

Aruba Case Study

Bestuurskantoor Aruba

Bestuurskantoor Aruba is an elliptical shaped residential cum commercial complex located in Aruba, Netherlands comprising of external & internal curtain walls, ACP cladding, balustrades, canopies, doors & windows.

ITCC-17 Parcel


ITCC-17 parcel construction project involves 31,150 sq. ft. of Aluminium composite panel cladding,51,100 sq. ft. of curtain wall (curved, slanting and straight type). Total detailing estimate was 1500 Hours.

Facade bim

University Of Calgary

This Medical complex building had G+8 floors medical complex with Façade elements such as Curtain walls, Windows, Doors and ACP cladding. It had two Phases PH7 & PH8 with the same area.

Precast panel detailing

Precast wall panel detailing


Our scope was to model and detail 155 solid wall panels in Tekla Structures software. It is a commercial building, having façade covered with precast wall panels 175mm thick.

precast detailing

Hing Loong Apartment

Our Scope for this apartment project in Australia was to model & detail 176 wall panels in Tekla Structures. It is a High rise building with RCC, have façade covered with precast wall panels 175mm thick.

precast detailing case study

Taylor Construction

This project had a factory & warehouse building with steel structure having façade covered with precast wall panels 200mm thick. Advenser’s scope was to model & detail 267 wall panels in Tekla Structures.

Point Cloud Modeling (Laser Scan to BIM)

point cloud bim case study

2200 Mistletoe Ave

2200 Mistletoe Ave was a point cloud conversion project involving as-built modeling services from Advenser Engineering. An hourly billing business model was adopted to execute the project.

point cloud modeling case study

27 Morley Street

This multi-storied residential building was long and narrow in structure and had 3 levels. Situated in the USA, the project had a requirement for the creation of As-built BIM.

point cloud modeling case study

Perth police station

Perth Police Station was an existing building whereas Advenser had to deal with the As-built BIM from the given point cloud and the real images of the buildings.

Rebar Detailing

Pearlridge Case Study


Advenser did three metro station platforms and ‘Pearlridge Station’ was a complicated one. We performed the whole BIM coordination and rebar detailing aspects. The main challenge faced in rebar modeling was “Long Concrete” modeling with various geometry cuts.

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