MEP BIM Case Study

Lardner’s Point Pumping Station (LPPS)

Lardner’s Point Pumping Station (LPPS)

Project Information

Building Type: Pumping Station

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Inputs: Point Cloud File

Deliverables: Equipment Families, BIM 360 Model, Material Rendering.

Software: Trimble Scan Explorer, Recap, Revit, BIM360

Services: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Architectural & Structural.

Our scope of work

Lardner’s Point Pumping Station (LPPS) is the largest finished water pumping station in the City of Philadelphia, conveying over 30% of the water consumed by the city on an average day. Our scope of work was to model the ducts, process mechanical pipes, electrical and plumbing systems from point cloud data. The scope also encompasses the creation of equipment families such as pumps, valves, panels and uploading to BIM360. The design inputs were in point cloud data. Point cloud modeling and analysis were done in Revit using Recap and Trimble Scan Explorer. Modeling in BIM360 made it easier to receive the appropriate markups and comments and examine the model from the customer in real time. The final deliverable was 100% completed Arch, Structural & MEP BIM model published in BIM360 with all families loaded in it.

Business Model Adopted

Fixed proposal business model. Monthly invoices were raised proportional to the progress of work performed.


The challenge of the project was extracting BIM models from point clouds. Also, being a Pumping station, there were visibility constraints at few areas.


The visibility constraints were tackled by assistance from the client by receiving additional site details. Also, Recap and Trimble Scan Explorer were used to perform point cloud analysis and modeling in Revit.

Architectural BIM model for a pumping station
Structural BIM model for a pumping station
MEP 3D model for a pumping station
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