Advenser with a team of 44 skilled architects has been offering a plethora of Architectural BIM services including conversion of design drawings to accurate construction documents and 3D models with parametric families.

Our services are focused on assisting our clients in cutting downtime and costs, offering them more value for money than what can be gained from conventional 2D drafting. We ensure that our customers get the most out of experience in associating with Architects, General Contractors, Builders, and Engineers in some of the prestigious projects of the twentieth century. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a great tool for visualization. It enables a three-dimensional virtual representation of the building. During a project’s bidding phase, renderings, walkthroughs, and sequencing of the model may be presented with better clarity.

We offer the following services for architects

“Get full-service solutions for your Architectural BIM requirements from the expert team of Architects at Advenser. Our BIM services are focused on facilitating our customers in the better visualization and analysis of a building design before entering the construction phase”

Our Software Proficiency

Every BIM modeler at Advenser is constantly updated on the most advanced software packages and industrial packages. Our modelers are highly conversant in

  • AutoCAD
  • Revit
  • BIM 360

  • 3DS Max
  • Navisworks
  • A360

See our BIM samples.

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Architectural BIM

Our Experience

Over the years, we have delivered various BIM projects to residential, commercial and industrial sectors for projects spread across the globe. It is this extensive experience and knowledge in the international building construction standards that make us stand out among our competitors.

We have a strong track record of working on large-scale projects, with top-tier architects adding to our extensive skill base and capabilities in BIM modeling services using various software/ applications.


The various benefits of BIM as enjoyed by the different parties involved are listed below.

During Pre-Construction stage

  • Allows to verify if the proposed design is feasible financially
  • If not, it instantly creates a new design within the constraints of desired time/cost parameters
  • Allows architecture/engineering documentation

During Designing stage

  • 3D visualization during any stage of the design process
  • Accurate 2D drawings extraction during the design
  • Determines if the 3D model is constructible at the site
  • Extraction of parameters for sustainable building design performance analysis and evaluation
  • Analysis and correction of building design in detail
  • Contains intricate details on the structure, site and proposed materials of the building
  • Enables accuracy in cost estimates and budget control

During Fabrication stage

  • Accurate visualization of the building with real-time parameters
  • Better onsite coordination of services in construction sequencing
  • Detects conflicts or clashes and allows resolution for the entire building
  • Reflection of a minor change in the digital database throughout the model
  • Construction documents creation containing minute information regarding the structure, quantities, materials
  • Easy facility management and maintenance

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Check our samples.