Advenser’s BIM management services, helps you monitor and gain maximum control over the project.

BIM Management

There is a witnessed rise in the adoption and implementation of BIM technologies in AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operations) projects. However, it is crucial to manage this transformation in the previous workflow and ensure the efficiency of projects. This is where BIM management comes into play marking as a valued tool for any such construction projects. Advenser helps businesses enrich their BIM management processes to make them more efficient and effective.

BIM management is remarked to have significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of AECO projects. BIM helps in the creation of digital representations/virtual models of a project’s physical and functional characteristics. These digital virtual models are capable of generating construction documents, evaluating potential issues as well as enhancing the design.

Our dedicated and proficient crew of experts assist in working with you to manage the entire BIM Project across all phases of the project lifecycle and operation stages i.e.- right from the creation of BIM Protocols and drafting deliverables up to the successful handover phase. We aim at having a holistic approach to lending a helping hand and supporting you in your BIM transformation journey holistically.

BIM Management service with Advenser:

We offer a varied range of BIM management services throughout the project lifecycle:

Project Startup

Study of the project type, listing deliverables and development of the BIM Execution Plan (BEP); and analysis, implementing a Common Data Environment (CDE), consultancy.

Pre-construction Phase

Creation of conceptual design ,coordination of multi-disciplanary models, design auditing through BIM models, validation, audit and assessment of BIM models of the BIM models, model optimization, identifying inconsistencies, deriving schedules, budgeting and creating a timeline of project completion, monitoring the entire operational BIM management, if any.

Construction Phase

Track project progression, costing, implement changes and BIM model updation and along with information management through the selected CDE.

Project Closure/Handover

Technical documentation and Report creation based on the final evaluation of the project along with obtaining feedback on the level of success of the BIM implementation.

2D drawing for a commercial building
3D model for a sports building
Virtual reality

Advantages of BIM Management:

BIM Management of the BIM project does not merely mean documentation of defects, clashes, shortcomings, and risks within BIM models. Advenser’s BIM management services reap you the following benefits:

Elimination of additional costs, associated with the rework to resolve clashes detected during the later phases of a project.

Cutting down design time by process automation and maintaining project timelines.

Top quality deliverables due to the precision and ensuring compliance.

Enhanced collaboration between the team involved in the project.

Smooth BIM implementation & application in projects.

Improved workflow

Risk mitigation

We aim to help you to elevate your project quality by reducing cost overhead and owning an efficient and effective one.
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