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We provide bespoke BIM implementations services tailored for your unique BIM maturity level. Services include BIM capability assessment, setting up goals & objectives, defining strategies, shaping the processes and hands on training on live projects.

Since 2007, we’ve managed numerous BIM projects worldwide, specializing in custom BIM implementation to suit your business needs. We assist our clients in developing BIM-specific processes & workflows to enable them in effective implementation of BIM methodologies in their projects. We will make sure that your organization moves smoothly through the stage of BIM implementation and will assist you in accomplishing your BIM goals at the lowest possible initial cost.

Our Process in a Nutshell

BIM Capability Assessment & Requirements Gathering

A detailed study and auditing of the current practices and processes of the organization are done to identify the inefficiencies. Along with this a critical assessment of skill of resources as well as review of tools & technology employed are studied. Tentative budgeting for BIM implementation may also be discussed at this stage.

Setting Goals & Objectives

Organizational BIM goals (both intermediate & long term) are finalized and documented after in depth discussions by analyzing the objectives & utility requirements for implementation and considering the industry specific expectations and standards. Gap analysis of current work practices is conducted.

Defining the strategy & Shaping the processes

BIM standards, processes and methodologies for future projects are finalized. Measurable progress indicators and targeted milestone are set in place.Existing processes and practices are streamlined, replaced or modified for aligning the system in the desired direction to achieve the BIM goals. A solid BIM Implementation Plan (BIP) is put into existence.

Setting up a Plan for Budgeting

Based on the gap analysis, recommendations are made for replacing or upgrading the tools, technologies and skill of resources. Detailed BIM implementation budget is thoroughly discussed & finalized.

Depending on your company’s budget priorities, experimentation with different BIM tools can be done to check how a BIM tool aligns itself to specific requirements of your firm.

Training & Education

Based on the organizational goals training of personnel is done. The training process may involve creating general BIM awareness, software training & relevant skillset updating. Along with this, training will be given on BIM specific practices for communication, file sharing and file naming practices.

Pilot Project

By customizing the outlined BIM execution plan, the team will be made to do a pilot project under the supervision (if asked by the company) of our team to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge and the practicality of the adopted BIM strategy.

This is done to let your team measure and evaluate the standards, processes, methodologies and to identify the errors. Lessons learned can be used to mitigate errors, identify the problems in information exchange and to explore the possibilities for improvement.

Executing a live project

This is the final phase and the first step in this phase is to prepare and finalize a project specific BIM Execution Plan (BEP) for live execution. The execution team is deployed and the roles & responsibilities of team members are defined.

BIM Implementation may be done for a single project at a time or in parallel for multiple projects.


All decisions taken and actions carried out are exhaustively recorded and documented. Measurable progress parameters are recorded and analyzed in depth. Plans, strategies and actions may be reformulated and restructured to achieve the BIM goals of the organization.

More than a separate stage, monitoring is more of a continuous process that is scheduled at every stage of decision making, documentation, strategizing and implementation. Knowledge acquired by individual members is constantly monitored and shared. Professionals are encouraged to self-teach and learn collaboratively with team members in order to gradually allow the organization to be self-sufficient.

BIM Implementation Strategy

BIM Implementation Services at Advenser!

Every BIM Implementation project we handle is focused on assisting our clients in a smooth transition from CAD to BIM. We understand that no two clients are going to have the same BIM maturity level so extensive research goes into each project for tailoring a BIM implementation plan. Every BIM Implementation Plan we tailor at Advenser is done after an umpteen number of permutations & combinations of the results of extensive research which focuses on:

The current BIM Capability and Working Procedure
The skill and availability of human, hardware and software resources
BIM Maturity Level
Individual Business Case

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