Precast Panel Detailing Case Study

Commercial Building – Ceerose

Precast panel detailing of a high rise building

Project Information

Building Type: Commercial Building

Location: NSW, Australia

Inputs: Architectural/ Structural Drawings, Panel Take off

Deliverables: Tekla Model, GA & Shop drawings, Machine files

Software: Tekla

Services: Precast Wall Panel Detailing

Our scope of services

Our scope was to model and detail 155 solid wall panels in Tekla Structures software. It is a commercial building, having façade covered with precast wall panels 175mm thick. We developed a 3D concrete model for coordination and concrete shop drawings in Tekla and added the necessary connections in the panels according to structural details and standards. The building had a number of cast in plate connections between each panel and grout tubes connections to the footing.

Business Model Adopted

Hourly Billing


We found the brick panel shop drawing standard difficult, compared to the client’s requirement (during project onset).


We created a sample for a particular level and had shown client for general comments. After getting the feedback we started creating other sheets. We used color in the drawings for identifying elements, elevations and footings in our output, which helped client in quick segregation.

Precast wall panel detailing of a commercial building
Precast shop drawings of a commercial building
Brick panel 3D model of commercial building
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