Point Cloud BIM Case Study

Perth Police Station

Point Cloud BIM Services for Perth Police Station done by Advenser

Project Information

Building Type: Police Station

Location: Perth, Australia

Billable Hours: Perth, Australia

Inputs:Point Cloud & Photographs

Deliverables: AS-BUILT BIM Model




Perth police station project required Advenser to develop an As-built BIM from the given point cloud data and the real images of the buildings.

Our scope of work

Advenser’s scope of service in this project involved developing an As-built BIM model with Level of Detailing (LOD) 500 of the police station complex at East Perth, Australia which included the main building, jail, gym and parking space from the point cloud data and photographs of the building.

Business Model Adopted

For the point cloud to As-built BIM modeling project 27 Morley Street, Advenser deployed a team of BIM engineers on an hourly billing business model.


The huge file size of the point cloud made the project challenging


Advenser’s architectural team took up the challenging project and executed the BIM modeling in Revit. The huge file size of the point cloud was made compatible with Revit using Autodesk Recap. For reference, Google map and Photographs of the buildings were used.

Expert BIM Services for Australia government building by Advenser Team
Point Cloud BIM Services done for Perth Police Station by Advenser
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