Architectural BIM Case Study

Ivy Quad Complex

Architectural BIM Services for a Township done by Advenser

Project Information

Building Type: Residential Township

Location:  South Bend, USA

Inputs: Architectural & Structural Design Drawings

Deliverables: BIM Model and Construction Documents


Services: LOD 400 BIM

Year: 2014


The Ivy Quad townhouse complex is located in South Bend, US. This luxury townhomes and flats were another milestone for Advenser. It took around 2 months to complete BIM modeling of Ivy Quad 3, Ivy Quad 8 with a team of 6 members.

Our scope of work

Advenser’s scope of services included delivering BIM model and construction document set which consists of modeling all the structural and architectural elements of the building with the level of detailing 400. Construction documents were extracted from BIM model itself. Revit suite was used for modeling as well as for clash detection and drawing creation.

Business Model Adopted

Ivy Quad is a residential project involving Architectural & Structural BIM modeling services done by Advenser.

Architectural BIM for Residential Township done By Advenser
Architectural BIM for Residential Township done By Advenser
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