With a team of BIM engineers, we offer BIM for Facility Management services to clients who wish to create, utilize & manage the information throughout the building lifecycle. Our Facility Management services are focused on providing a complete range of services that can facilitate our clients in doing business.

Advenser follows COBie (Construction of Building Information Exchange) process for managing our FM data. Our FM model will incorporate the information like make, cost, warranty, contact records and required product specifications.

Having collaborated with the AEC industry since 2007, we’ve recognized that integrating BIM for facility management into construction projects significantly benefits all stakeholders involved in a project. As a Facility Management service provider, all our services are focused on helping the stakeholders improve the performance of buildings, saving time & money in running and maintaining a building throughout the building lifecycle.

In addition to our focus on BIM for Facility Management, we also specialize in integrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with BIM, enabling spatial analysis and visualization of facility data for enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency.

BIM for facility management

Our Services

We offer facility management services to our clients with a focus on providing a complete range of services that can facilitate our clients in doing business. Customer satisfaction is given predominant consideration, we at Advenser understands what our client wants from the building and facilities around them and ensures that our team delivers the client’s requirements.

BIM for facility management services
Facility management
Facility management is often used synonymously with 6D BIM, an acronym for 6D Building Information Modeling and a term widely used in the Construction industry. Using our 6D model, the owner can enjoy the advantages of the BIM which do not end with the completion of construction. With the BIM model, activities and calculations for Routine Maintenance, Energy Efficiency, Space Management, Remodel and Renovation and Life Cycle Management are all made much more simplified and time-saving.

Benefits of Facility Management

Saving Time & Money

Improving Experience

Improving Accuracy

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