Our architectural CAD engineering services include 3D modeling, BIM, Constructions Documentation, 2D drafting and detailing, CAD conversion and Point cloud services. Our knowledge and experience of architectural modeling coupled with our extensively skilled team ensure deliverables are of highest possible accuracy and are competitively priced. Complimenting this is our strict and refined Quality Control(QC) process. We invest heavily into understanding client company standards and emphasize on establishing a good working relationship with the client.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Infrastructure projects- Video

Architecture modeling covers the overall architecture of a building while incorporating structural and MEP services within the model. It describes two aspects of the component collaboration, namely the static (structure) and dynamic (behavior). The structural model represents the components, their dependencies, and their interfaces; the dynamic model defines the component interactions and protocols. The end objective is to define components in terms of the interfaces they provide, the interfaces they use, and how these interfaces should be used (protocol).

We also provide 3D Architectural & structural modeling to support MEP coordination tasks. Such modeling is done to detect clashes and collision between various services and to rectify them prior to construction, providing time and cost benefits.

Architects, engineers, design consultants, real estate firms, project consultants and property developers have discovered the value of outsourcing their architectural drafting & modeling services (architectural CAD) to provide added value to their customers through specialized architectural CAD services, technical expertise, high standards of quality, reduced costs and quicker turnaround on projects. Lately, architectural modeling is implemented almost entirely by using various CAD or virtual construction systems. This includes basic 2D drafting to highly advanced techniques like BIM and 3D/4D/5D modeling.

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We are experts in producing CAD drawings and models using sophisticated tools like Revit Architecture & Structure, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, ADT.

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