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A Certificate Program in Building Information Modeling (BIM) is available at East Stroudsburg University (ESU) through a partnership between ESU and Advenser Technology Services, Inc. (Advenser). The BIM process provides a data-rich, intelligent, 3D representation of a project and is widely utilized in the architecture, engineering, design and construction (AEC) industries.. BIM facilitates a strategic approach enabling the decision makers to steer their projects in the right direction with precision and extend benefits of BIM to clients, key stakeholders and supply chains. BIM defines a clear purpose and delivers them through clear processes and information requirements.

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Upcoming Sessions

BIM for Beginners June 4th, 2024 ENROLL NOW
BIM Proficiency Training July 16th, 2024 ENROLL NOW
BIM for Building Utility Services July 16th, 2024 ENROLL NOW
BIM for Beginners
June 4th, 2024
BIM Proficiency Training
July 16th, 2024
BIM for Building Utility Services
July 16th, 2024

Main Courses

BIM-for-Beginners Taining

BIM for Beginners

East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania
Next Session: 4th June, 2024

BIM Proficiency Training

East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania
Next Session: 16th July, 2024

Specialization courses
BIM for Structural Engineering
BIM for Facade Engineering
BIM-for-building-utility Training

BIM for Building Utility Services

East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania
Next Session: 16th July, 2024

Certificate of Achievement

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement awarded in BIM Technology from ESU Advenser.

WEDnetPA Training Grants

Pennsylvania companies interested in providing BIM training for their employees may qualify for up to $2,000 per person for eligible training. Learn about WEDnetPA training grants or contact (570) 422-7956 for more information.

Discounted Hotel Stay is Available

At Penn Stroud Hotel with an extended 30+ night stay and a weekly stay option. Contact us for details.

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    The course provides insight into impact of digitalization, lean and collaborative approaches on the delivery and use of built assets.


    A well-structured implementation strategy with a clear vision on purpose and priorities.


    BIM provides a review of the business cases and drivers for change across construction and operation of built assets.

    Course Offerings

    The online training will be delivered with one on one support from highly qualified and experienced BIM trainers and facilitates remote access to system in BIM Lab located at East Stroudsburg University (ESU) Innovation Center, 562 Independence Road, STE 217, East Stroudsburg, PA 1830, USA. The development of the BIM Training Lab at ESU supports program initiative to incorporate project based learning, real world technology and resources into the training sessions to meet student interests and industry demands.

    Who Should Attend

    This program caters to students and working professionals and is tailored to meet their area of interest or specialization.

    Employees in engineering and construction industries seeking certificate in advanced BIM Technology


    Senior professionals with project and portfolio responsibilities


    Students community in the US and global, aspiring to gain knowledge in BIM Technology


    The program is ideal for individuals working on a current live project. A major component of the learning session is attributed towards real time application on live projects


    Displaced job seekers in the US in search of fresh career, due to the pandemic

    Structural samples

    What to Expect


    Both theory and practical insights in BIM Technology and relevant BIM verticals


    Highly focused on application of knowledge and techniques using real time scenarios and case studies


    A dynamic group of students and working professionals trained by world class trainers


    Certificate award on successful completion of Certificate Program

    Program Fees

    Early bird fees for the first 15 enrollments for the BIM Training and Certificate Program. Contact us for details.

    Program Schedule

    New registrations and admissions for the program courses are open during 1st week and last week of every month.

    BIM Alumni Access

    The program offers access to strong alumni network of professionals certified from ESU Advenser Technology Services, Inc.

    East Stroudsburg University

    ESU partners with Advenser Technology Services, Inc. to offer a joint certificate in BIM Training. The BIM process provides a data-rich, intelligent, 3D representation of a project and is widely utilized in the architecture, engineering, design and construction industries. Individuals trained in the BIM process will qualify for various BIM job opportunities including BIM Technician, BIM Manager, BIM Designer, Revit BIM Modeler (Structural, Architectural and Electrical) and more specializations enhancing learner’s marketability. ESU will engage highly qualified and certified trainers with a mission to build tomorrow’s leaders in the BIM industry.

    Advenser Technology Services, Inc.

    Advenser Technology Services, Inc. delivers world-class BIM Certificate offerings to learners in US and around the world. Advenser has been a prime contributor to BIM industry globally since 2007 and recognized as an authorized BIM service provider by Autodesk.
    ESU partners with Advenser
    ESU Partners with Advenser Technology Services, Inc. to offer Joint Certificate in BIM Training

    Offerings in BIM Services


    Architectural & Structural BIM Services


    MEP Clash Coordination


    Scan to BIM Services (Point cloud conversion)


    Revit family Creation Services


    Precast, Steel & Rebar Detailing


    BIM Services for Bridges &Tunnels


    Underground Utility Modeling


    Roads & Highways BIM


    Facade Detailing


    Marine & Offshore Structure Modeling

    Expertise in Autodesk Software

    Revit Suite




    Navisworks Manage






    Autodesk 360 Pro




    Civil 3D


    BIM 360

    Advenser has partnered with ESU in setting up an Innovation Center with world class infrastructure for program execution. The program offers basic and advanced courses in BIM enabling aspiring learners hone their engineering skills, excel in real world and build a sustainable career in the industry. Courses are available online including 24/7 access to BIM Lab. Learners are facilitated with remote connectivity through the entire course duration and mentorship from highly experienced trainers. Our team involves a group of highly qualified and experienced professionals, maneuvered through real world challenges in their respective domains. We are on a transformation mission leading the construction industry into digitalized platform optimizing costs and schedules.

    Facilities Offered at the ESU Innovation Center

    Highly experienced dedicated BIM trainers

    Remote connectivity for entire course duration

    Classroom including 24/7 BIM lab access

    Access to high-end systems and BIM softwares at innovation center

    Program Contact

    Program Coordinator Contact
    ESU Innovation Center

    Amy Lothian
    Advenser Technology Services Inc.
    562 Independence Rd, Ste : 217,
    East Stroudsburg, PA 18301, United States.


    (570) 800-9865


    About BIM

    What is BIM?

    BIM is a streamlined collaborative workflow of modeling technology and an associated set of processes to produce, coordinate/communicate and analyze digital information models throughout the construction project life-cycle.

    Is BIM used widely in the US?

    Yes. The technology is widely used across the US in the construction industry.

    What is the main advantage of implementation of BIM?

    The major advantages are;

    • Two level construction – virtual & physical
    • Early clash detection during pre-implementation stage
    • Ability to undertake pre-emptive measures for clash
    • Less variation order caused by coordination error
    • Highly efficient and better quality output
    • Execution at site with minimal coordination errors and corrections

    How to implement BIM at organization level?

    • Assess the implementation requirements for BIM
    • Adhere to organization policies, commitment and guidelines
    • Establish and develop BIM implementation team
    • Identify the infrastructure needs

    Does an organization need to buy the software prior to implementing BIM?

    Yes, it is required to procure software license for use.

    How does BIM add value to overall project implementation?

    • Improves accuracy of design information
    • Reduces conflicts between Architects, Civil Engineers and M&E
    • Expedites construction process
    • Schedule and cost optimization and enhanced savings using 3D visual model for building
    • Early detection of construction problems
    • Using BIM, any corrections or changes in design can be made much earlier and any overlap between the disciplines of layout drawings can be detected
    • Reduces maintenance costs adopting proactive facility and maintenance measures
    Enrollment Questions

    Who can enroll in the certificate program?

    • Professionals working in engineering and construction industries seeking certificate in advanced BIM Technology
    • Students community in the US and global, aspiring to gain knowledge in BIM Technology
    • Working graduates
    • Displaced job seekers in the US in search of fresh career, due to the pandemic
    • General category interested in learning BIM for career prospects

    If I am currently unsure about enrolling in the program, can I enroll at a later date (e.g., next semester)?

    Yes, students can enroll anytime during the certificate program offering for current financial year.

    What is the eligibility criteria for BIM Certificate Program?

    Any students passed out final year, working graduates and freshers are eligible for the BIM for Beginners certificate program. There are pre-requisites for enrolling for advanced certificate programs.

    What are the courses offered under the BIM program?

    Basic Course:

    • BIM for Beginners
    • Advanced Courses:

    • BIM for Proficiency Training
      • BIM for Civil & Environmental Engineering
      • BIM for Structural Engineering
      • BIM for Precast Engineering
      • BIM for Facade Engineering
      • BIM for Steel Detailing
    • BIM for Building Utility Services
    • BIM Manager Training
    • 3D Scanning BIM Conversion

    Am I eligible for getting financial support to pursue the course?

    The funding scheme is currently applicable for students enrolling from Pennsylvania. We are in the process of reaching out to more regions across the US.

    What will I achieve from the certificate program?

    • Ability to explain the opportunities and benefits of digitization and lean approach
    • Clear vision, purpose and implementation strategy
    • In-depth hands-on on business cases for BIM

    How will I benefit?

    By attending the course;

    • Learner will gain good grip on BIM benefits and opportunities
    • Identify BIM associated risks and threats
    • Access to globally accepted BIM best practices
    • Apply process improvement techniques to deliver enhanced products and results
    • Gain required skill, tools and resources to develop BIM implementation strategy

    Who performs the certificate program assessments?

    Every assessment decision requires agreement from two independent assessors who are both skilled and certified in BIM as trained assessors. The assessors operate under a detailed set of regulations and guidelines that covers everything from how to score a candidate’s evidence to how to prepare for an assessment.

    What about Recertification?

    Recertification is the responsibility of the individual who has been certified and will take place in accordance with standard Certificate program practices.

    Administrative Questions
    Are part-time/ weekend training sessions available for the certificate program?

    Yes, weekend and week-day evening sessions can be opted by working graduates.

    Are there dedicated trainers available during the program to avail support in project execution?

    Yes, the program engages dedicated trainers providing one on one support during sessions, practicals and projects.

    Is the course available on-line and am I eligible to take from country outside of US?

    Yes, the BIM courses are available online and students globally can take up the certificate program upon fulfilling the eligibility criteria.

    Where is Advenser Technology Services Inc. located?

    Advenser Technology Services, Inc.
    Five Neshaminy Interplex, STE 205
    Trevose, PA 19053, USA

    Once all my requirements are completed, will I receive a formal certificate of completion?

    Yes, once you have completed all of the requirements, a formal certificate signed by Advenser Technology Services Inc. in collaboration with ESU University will be granted.

    Are there any costs in addition to the application fees?

    Candidate travel and discounted stay at hotel, if required, is the responsibility of the candidate.

    What are the job prospects available for BIM certified engineer?

    Individuals trained in the BIM process will be qualified for various BIM job opportunities including: BIM Technician, BIM Manager, BIM Designer, and Revit BIM Modeler (Structural, Architectural, Electrical), etc.

    If I return an item, will my shipping costs be refunded to me? – Applicable for online sessions only

    If Advenser Technology Services Inc. cancels a course due to low enrollment, you will be reimbursed for your shipping costs along with the cost of the item being returned.

    I am not sure about ordering this course or course material online yet. What if I change my mind?

    We’ll adjust your order and billing amount accordingly if you order the wrong course. We will answer any questions you have by phone or email and have our office personnel available to address your queries during business hours. If you have any questions, please let us know! CALL ( (570) 800-9865 ) OR email us at ([email protected]) TODAY and LEARN BIM FOR FUTURE!

    Where is the CVV, CVC, or CID credit card security code located on my credit card?

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    How should I reach out

    If you have any enquiries, let us know how we can help you.
    Call: (570) 800-9865
    Email us: [email protected]

    BIM Training Program Benefits
    How does our program benefit your firm?

    Most of the organizations in the engineering field today have a tendency to migrate to BIM, with their staff undergoing crash courses and certifications in BIM software. But in the long run, such organizations will be unable to deliver projects in large-scale due to under skilled staff.

    Organizations that switch to BIM for the first time are often in need of extensive training aligned with their process and meeting industry standards, without which they will end up spending a lot of time and money, but not still equipped to implement BIM.

    We have great exposure to all BIM verticals and diverse range of project experience from various geographies under our belts which qualifies us for expert BIM trainers. We enable companies in making the right investment decisions, recommend the right steps and leads them through the best practices. By partnering with us, companies can leverage the advantages of BIM and extract the best project outcome.

    Our certificate program benefits AEC firms in their projects through application of sophisticated learning tools and modules, reduced skill gaps with in-house training and optimization of training costs in the long term. The program offers flexible schedule and is customized to meet specific project requirements.

    How our program benefits individuals in their career?

    In recent times, a sudden spike has been observed in BIM contributing to a significant increase in its industry-wide acceptance, impacting private and public sectors with a need for using BIM Technology in their prestigious projects. The biggest challenge faced by the industry for BIM adoption is the lack of expertise.

    From Architects to Engineers to fabricators, the knowledge in BIM technology and its software tools are crucial for all professionals in the AECOO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner and Operator) industry. You may be responsible for a range of tasks such as designing a 3D model in Revit to carrying out coordination among the MEP, HVAC, Structural & Architectural elements of the proposed design, figuring out the clashes between any elements, carrying out meetings to resolve the conflicts, and so on. Our program encompasses an all-in-one package to upgrade your skills.

    How our program benefits you as a fresher/high school?

    College education is critical for fast tracking the learning curve and recruiting ready-made BIM professionals for the industry. However, today we notice a gap between the industry expectations and the student learning outcomes, which is directly reflected by the fact that companies seldom recruit college students for job openings dedicated to BIM.

    ESU BIM training program fills this gap and facilitates learning platform with the latest high-in-demand skills. Moreover, the training is focused at individual level consultations with subject matter experts, resume preparation and networking/placement support.

    Are the classes offered online? As I reside outside the U.S., do I have to be a U.S. citizen or U.S. resident in order to attend the program?

    All our programs are offered online with dedicated live trainer approach. Students are also facilitated with remote connectivity to BIM LAB at ESU.

    Refund, Cancellation and Postponement Policy

    Refund, Cancellation and Postponement Policy for Certificate Program Enrollments

    Once paid, enrollment fees for the BIM Certificate Program is non-refundable. If an applicant   desires to reschedule his or her attendance at a course offering, an enrollment is transferable to another course offering hosted by Advenser Technology Services Inc., so long as applicant  provides us with at least seven (7) days written or electronic (emailed) notice of the desire to transfer the enrollment.

    Advenser Technology Services Inc. reserves the right to cancel or postpone a Certificate Program course offering(s) in our sole discretion. If we cancel or postpone a course offering, we will use reasonable efforts to reschedule the cancelled or postponed course offering to within twelve (12) months from its original start date. Enrollment fees paid by applicants for a cancelled or postponed course offering shall be applicable to the rescheduled.

    In the event Advenser Technology Services Inc. elects not to reschedule the cancelled course offering, applicant will be provided with a refund.

    If this occurs, our responsibility is limited to a refund of any enrollment fee(s) already paid. Advenser Technology Services Inc. is not responsible for airline tickets, travel by others modes & hotels costs, other tickets or payments, or any similar fee penalties or related or unrelated losses, costs and/or expenses applicant may incur or have incurred as a result of any trip cancellations or changes. Please allow thirty (30) days for us to process any refunds or credit changes.

    By enrolling for a Certificate Program offering(s), you acknowledge that Advenser Technology Services Inc. does not make any representation, warranty, or guarantee as to whether you will ultimately attain sufficient understanding and knowledge to become a practitioner of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

    Enrollment Confirmations

    Participant responsible to confirm the payment a week before Certificate Program offering commence. You will receive the venue information by email within a week before the scheduled dates of your Certificate Program offering(s). If you have not received it by a week before the scheduled dates, please contact the office at (contact number) or email to (email address).

    Payment Information

    Payment arrangements will be made upon online enrollment according to your selection of training fees. We provide online payment that accepts credit card/debit card and online banking. We are not responsible for any discrepancies between bank exchange rates, bank card exchange rates, Internet posted exchange rates, etc.


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