Facade BIM Case Study

Bestuurskantoor Aruba

Facade BIM for Commercial/ Residential Building

Project Information

Building Type: Commercial/ Residential Building

Location: Aruba, NL

Inputs: Shop/ Fabrication Drawings

Deliverables: Shop/ Fabrication Drawings

Software: Auto Cad 2D & 3D

Services: Curtain wall/ Doors & windows, Canopy, ACP cladding Detailing


Bestuurskantoor Aruba is an elliptical shaped Residential cum commercial complex located in Aruba, Netherlands comprising of External & Internal curtain walls, ACP cladding, Balustrades, Canopies, Doors & windows and External Awnings.

Our scope of work

Advenser’s given scope was to develop details and prepare shop drawings based on the conceptual design and specification using Schuco profile system according to client requirement.

Business Model Adopted

Bestuurskantoor Aruba is a project done in an hourly billing business model.
Facade BIM Case study - Bestuurskantoor Aruba
Facade BIM Case study - Bestuurskantoor Aruba
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