Our 2D CAD drafting and detailing services include structural CAD drafting and detailing for single family to large residential and commercial buildings, tenant improvement and construction projects including general layout, plan, elevation and sections. Structural framing layouts, Foundation plans Reinforced concrete detailing (RCC detailing), R.C.C. beam framing and drawings, Structural Joist details and reinforcement are also drafted in 2D. We are experts in producing structural Construction document set in CAD as required for submittal. We follow your structural CAD standards. We always follow the same standards for all projects from a particular client, to ensure quality and consistency of our drawing.

Structural 2D drafting

We offer high quality Structural and drafting Services to the clients spread across the globe. Our various teams have been trained to comply with American, European & Australian standards, naming conventions and plot styles. We offer detailed structural and Structural 2D drafting services in the areas of Structural Engineering. We endeavor to meet the quality standards expected by the clients. Our team comprises qualified and skilled Detailers modelers/drafters with vast experience in a range of areas in Structural 2D Drafting & detailing. We undertake projects at all levels of Structural engineering & design beginning from small buildings, large-scale industrial detailing & modeling to analysis of pre-existing designs and construction documentation. This includes services such as Structural 2D Drafting & detailing, Structural designing and Structural 3d modeling services.

We endeavor to be a considered as an extension of the team working in the construction and structural steel industry. We also produce detailing & drafting for architects, engineers, steel erectors, general contractors and fabrication shops. We use latest technologies & softwares, and customize the drawings as per the specific need of marking schemes/presentations (Sheet size, layering, text style, etc), AISC, NISD, OSHA codes and standards prescribed are followed as per the requirement of the design. We also possess expertise in IS, AISC, BS and DIN standards with advanced modeling and detailing. Our skilled steel detailing team ensure an innovative and optimized solution.

structural drafting services

We provide the following structural detailing services:

General Arrangement/ Erection Drawings for construction

Connection sketches

Single Part/ Fittings Drawings

Drawing Index

Advance Material List

Miscellaneous metal detailing

DSTV/NC Files/KSS files

Anchor Bolt Plan & Details/ Column Holding Down

Reports - Material List, Bolt List (Field &Shop), Assembly List

Shop/ Fabrication Drawings (Column, Beam, Brace, Stair, Handrail, Ladders, etc)

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