Key Personnel

Board of Directors

Mathewson Karimthuruthel - Managing Director - CEO - Owner of Advenser

Mathewson Karimthuruthel

Managing Director
Mathewson Karimthuruthel is primarily responsible for management leadership and strategic planning for Advenser. A charismatic leader and motivator, his exemplary leadership inspires the team to deliver their best performance. With his insightful vision and astute business acumen, Advenser has experienced phenomenal growth in the international sector since inception.

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His strong work ethic and irreproachable integrity are impeccable and held in awe even by the senior members of the team. Mathewson’s academic background includes B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and MBA with specialization in Information Services from the USA. He possesses around 20 years of consolidated experience in Engineering, IT, BPO, and KPO sectors.
Cinu P Thomas - Director

Cinu P. Thomas

Cinu P. Thomas is responsible for providing strategic planning for the UAE operations of Advenser. He is responsible for all Middle East operations of the company and lends his expertise in both the technical and marketing front. His foresight has helped the company in its early years to overcome many challenges and his experience-backed judgment has been utilized in several high stake decision-making processes.

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One of his many strengths is solid multi-tasking skill, which is the buzz word in today’s corporate world. He is a post graduate in Structural engineering and has more than 15 years of experience in the corporate sector.
Biju Kuriakose Mattamana - Director

Biju Kuriakose Mattamana

Biju Kuriakose Mattamana is primarily responsible for Advenser’s entire North American business management as President of Advenser LLC USA. He is also operational head of Rollecate Engineering Services Pvt Ltd, India (A joint venture between Advenser, India and De Rollecate B.V, Netherlands). A veteran management professional and perfectionist, he has been instrumental in realizing many new ventures and projects for Advenser.

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He has earned B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering), MBA from LaSalle University, USA and certified PMP from Project Management Institute. He possesses around 29+ years of diversified experience in Engineering design management, Water & Waste water treatment projects, IT, BPO, and KPO.
Harikrishnan K - Director

Harikrishnan K

Harikrishnan K. is responsible for all aspects of the global business development as well as HR and strategic planning of the engineering department. He is in charge of setting the annual goals for the company and optimizing the technical resource capabilities to align with the organization’s strategic vision. Known as the ‘people’s leader’ in the employee circle, he maintains a great working relationship across the employer-employee groups, defining a perfect symbiotic work culture in the organization.

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He is an effective motivator and mentor to the company’s young professionals. Gifted with vision, determination and leadership skills, he brings out the best in all department heads. Harikrishnan has a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in CAD. He has more than two decades of overall experience in BIM/CAD, IT, KPO, project management, business development, and operational management sectors.


Ashwin S. Nair - General Manager

Ashwin S. Nair

General Manager
Ashwin, serves as General Manager in Advenser. With more than a decade of immensely rich industry experience in BIM and integrated product development, he has made a substantial contribution in structuring the company’s engineering aspects as well as QA procedures. 

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Prior to joining Advenser, Ashwin has worked in various technical and management positions in the engineering and construction industries. As the effective head of the Engineering team, he is also responsible for the overall coordination of projects with the business development team and functions as the reporting head for support functions such as IT. He has earned a Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.
Rekha Murali - Assistant General Manager

Rekha Murali

Assistant General Manager
Rekha serves as a Assistant General Manager at Advenser. In this role, her primary responsibility is to establish the standards and specifications for project delivery as well as constantly redefine and refine the processes for delivery with the goal of establishing a uniform procedure for each client. 

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She handles the key role of ensuring that the delivery processes and methods are efficient and cost-effective. She possesses a graduation in Engineering and Master’s Degree in project management and has more than 15+ years of experience in Structural Project Management. She has been single-handedly responsible for the inception of the structural engineering team in Advenser and has spearheaded its expansion.

Naveen John - Associate Director, USA

Naveen John

Associate Director, USA
Naveen is an insightful Project Manager for the Façade engineering department. In addition to his degree in engineering, he also possesses a certification from UAE Society of Engineers. He has also made exceptional contributions as an effective organizer and analyst.

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With more than 20 years of extensive experience from diversified fields like Underground Tunneling, Façade consultancy, and Project Management from the Middle East, he has proved to be a versatile manager. His experience from abroad has given him a unique perspective in project feasibility evaluation. Profound and effective leadership skills, he is also an influential motivator and mentor to his team members.
Manoj Mohan - Business Unit Manager

Manoj Mohan

Business Unit Manager
Manoj is seasoned in executing and handling many high-profile projects worldwide. He has a strong background in MEP Drafting and BIM over the past 14 years and he possesses extensive experience in all phases and functions of project management. 

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At Advenser he deals with planning and defining project scope, client coordination, resource planning, activity planning, and sequencing, cost estimating, etc. He has a strong drive to ensure project success and has the ability to inspire and challenge team members. With highly effective organizational, planning, and time management skills, Manoj has a proven record of meeting deadlines and targets.
Divya s - Senior Project Manager

Divya S

Senior Project Manager
Divya S, with her 17 years of experience in architectural and structural drafting industry is the project manager of the team of steel detailers at Advenser. Her profound knowledge in BIM and CAD along with her extraordinary skill in project management makes her the think tank who always stays ahead of the curve.

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Her dedication towards work and her profound knowledge of steel detailing has rewarded her many a times by receiving a token of appreciation from our clients. Known among the employee circle as a highly approachable person capable of being kind without being weak, she is a motivation for the steel detailing team at Advenser. Divya’s academic background includes a diploma in civil engineering and specialization in CAD and Tekla Structures.
Zima R - Project Manager

Zima R

Project Manager
Known among the employee circle as a cordial and affable leader, she is a mentor and inspiration for our structural engineering team. She has a diploma in civil engineering and her incessant thirst for knowledge has gained the honorific title of “Tekla Certified Engineer”.

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With her in-depth knowledge of steel detailing and Tekla structures gained from her association with the steel detailing giants in India and The UAE for more than 13 years, she is responsible for providing the necessary technical support and training to the team of structural engineers at Advenser. Being a tech-savvy engineer she is always on the look for the latest technological advancements happening in the AEC industry, making her the one the team looks up to in tackling challenging projects.
Dinesh K N - Technical Manager

Dinesh K. N

Technical Manager
A seasoned Technical Manager with more than 20 years of Expertise in the BIM Industry. To his credit, he has handled many commendable projects across North America and Middle East. He serves as Technical Manager for the MEP team.

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Dinesh, a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering, has been a part of the company’s growth for over 13 years and continues to excel in his work and contribute to excellence in the team. In this role, he carries out Quality Control, project estimation, feasibility study, and the R & D activities for the MEP team. Being a senior member of the team, he involves in Team Development, imparting Knowledge to this fellow team member.
Jimmy Poulose - Technical Manager

Jimmy Poulose

Technical Manager
Jimmy adds to the team his expertise and knowledge of 15 years in Façade Detailing. A diploma in Civil Engineering and to his credit has handled many specialized projects from North America in Façade detailing.

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With an over a decade of experience with Advenser, he as the necessary technical expertise and experience in being the Technical Manager for the Team. He is responsible for Managing overall learning and Quality of work. On the personal front, he is Well-Known among the employee for his friendly and supportive nature. Being a helping hand and with his training capabilities he leads the team as a Mentor and as its Guide.

Business Development

Sandra M. Hemphill - Business Development Coordinator, North America

Sandra M. Hemphill

Business Development Coordinator, North America
Sandra, known as Sandy among her colleagues is jovial and career-oriented personnel who has been a part of Advenser, USA since inception. Sandy has always been very warm and welcoming in her approach that makes her the go to person for any help.

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She stands out with her kind go getter attitude and has been playing a vital role in the Business Development Team coordinating and facilitating between the clients and Advenser Team.


Ambarish Pillai -<br />
Senior Finance Manager

Ambarish Pillai

Senior Finance Manager
With 18 years of extensive experience, Ambarish has a strong background in accounting and finance field. His responsibilities in Advenser include determining financial objectives, designing & implementing system policies & procedures to facilitate internal financial control, developing and updating accounting, finance and management policies and procedures.

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In addition to Advenser’s financial management and reporting, Ambarish also provides leadership across the company, understanding all aspects of the business and the impact on our financial and operational performance. He has earned a Master degree in Financial management.

HR & Operations

Santhosh Dominic - Assistant General Manager (HR & Operations)

Santhosh Dominic

Assistant General Manager (HR & Operations)
We are excited to work with Santhosh Dominic as the Assistant General Manager – Human Resources and Operations. With over 17 years of experience in Human Resources, Santhosh brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

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His expertise lies in the areas of strategic human resources development, business partnering, and advisory, aligning us to market standards. He has experience working for various large multinational companies, making him a valuable contributor to Advenser . His current role is to spearhead and help the Human Resources, Operations and Technical teams re-align and step up to higher levels. By taking decisions from Advenser’s perspective and making the right decision, he becomes an indispensable part of the system.

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