As a scan to BIM service provider, Advenser caters to the needs of architects, general contractors, mechanical/plumbing/HVAC contractors and civil contractors in the construction industry. The intelligent as-built model created will contain all the building data embedded in it which includes but is not limited to beams, columns, ceilings, roofs, walls, ducts and pipes. This facilitates our clients to analyze the existing condition of a building for renovation or demolition purposes.

Point cloud scan to BIM model of a commercial building
Point cloud is a set of data points in a 3D coordinate system representing the external surface of an object or building including its geometry and color. 3D scanners are used to measure Point cloud data as a set of vector points, which are then converted to accurate parametric REVIT models. Once imported into Revit, we can trace around the point data with our Revit families quickly building up a 3D model with the point cloud as a reference. The 3D scanned data captures every single detail, thus eliminating the need for repeated site visits.

Once the point cloud data is received, we export them on to a CAD or BIM platform to create an accurate As-Built Building Information Model depicting the pipes, walls, slabs, roof planes, terrain and vegetation in and around the building.

Once the 3D point cloud data is segregated and exported to a BIM package, conventional deliverables like 2D plans, elevations, and sections can be easily extracted.

Our team possesses resources with adequate skillset and experience in this procedure. We utilize the Revit Families furnished by the clients and adapt to the specific standards used by them.

Inputs expected from Client side:

Laser scanned data of the building or structure

Site photographs and photosphere of the structure

Final model and design drawings (if available)

Deliverables from Scan to BIM:

3D Model creation at LOD 500

As-Built Drawings & documentations

As-Built elevation & plan view drawings

Point cloud model of mechanical room
BIM model of mechanical room

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      (Compatible file types- pdf, dwg of size below 20 MB) For file size greater than 20 MB, use a third party service (Dropbox, Wetransfer or Yousendit) or contact us for FTP.

      Point Cloud to Mesh Services

      Advenser provides point cloud to mesh services to a wide range of AEC industry sectors which includes but not limited to architects, general contractors, civil contractors, and mechanical/ plumbing/ HVAC contractors.  When a point cloud scan is provided to us which was typically captured using a 3D laser scanner, comprising of a set of million data points, representing the 3D coordinates of the external surfaces of the structure or the building, our engineers make use of latest reconstruction methods to create a mesh from the provided point cloud.

      As per the client’s requirement, we provide point cloud to mesh, as-built or 3D solids engineering models.

      Point Cloud to Mesh Model

      Types of Projects that benefit from Scan to BIM

      Renovation activities

      Building maintenance & surveillance

      Retrofit purposes

      Building demolition tasks

      Building extension & modifications

      Facility management procedures


      Point cloud model of a commercial building
      BIM model of commercial building

      We Follow the Following International Standards

      We understand that no two clients are going to have the same requirements, which is why our team of engineers are groomed to be a flexible workforce. When you hire Advenser to work on your projects we work as an extension of your team working to achieve a common goal. We offer Architectural Scan to BIM Services corresponding to AIA/BIM Forum LOD 200 and USIBD LOA20. Our association with a global clientele makes us proficient in the following international BIM modeling standards.

      ANSI - American National Standards Institute

      ASME- American Society of Mechanical Engineers

      ISO- International standards organization

      GOST – Russian standards

      BSI - British Standards Institution

      DIN - Deutsches Institut für Normung (German standards)

      BNQ- Bureau de normalization du Quebec

      GB – Guobiao Standards (Chinese standards)

      ISO standards- International Organization for Standardization

      Our Quality Assurance:

      The team of engineers and BIM modelers at Advenser are highly motivated and quality driven striving to offer our clients services of impeccable quality. We have a dedicated team of quality analysts responsible for closely monitoring the models as it progresses through each level. Every model is carefully examined to ensure that

      Strict adherence to the international industry/building codes are made

      Errors if any, are not left unnoticed

      Project design targets and goals are met

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