As-built drafting service is one of our specialties which we provide with 100% accuracy, meeting the specific requirements of our client. Since our inception in 2007, we have been offering as-built drawings to general contractors, retailers, architects, homeowners, and builders. Advenser caters the demands for as-built services from clients all over the world from residential, offices, leisure, education, healthcare, commercial, and government sectors.

Point cloud model – Input

point cloud Input model

Point cloud model – Output

Point cloud output model

The final set of drawing forwarded to the client after the completion of the project is called as-built drawing. This drawing demonstrates the existing site conditions right after the installation or erection. We include all the modifications in the drawing that was made to the original construction. As-built drawing provided by us assists our client to compare the actual existing construction to the design stage condition.

Point Cloud to As-Built BIM Modeling


In the case of As-Built BIM modeling projects, we export the set of point cloud data into Revit (BIM platform).

As-Built building information model with accuracy depicting pipes, slabs, terrain, walls, roof planes and vegetation in and around the building is delivered to the client.

Input As-Built drawing

As-Built input drawing

Output As-Built drawing

As-Built output drawing

Markups to As-Built/Model Drawing


  • After the installation process, the client forwards the red markups and we provide the as-built conditions markup to our client.
  • We work on the markup drawings to develop the As-Built drawing of the project.
  • For this task, our team of engineers uses Revit, AutoCAD, AutoCAD MEP, AutoCAD architecture.
As-built drafting
As-built drawing

What We Do


The documentation of as-built drawings generally takes place during or post-installation. In the midst of the construction process, workers may run into several unforeseen circumstances which require installing few items contrarily from the originally intended plan. These issues are generally tackled at the site itself and the new changes are marked in the plan or point cloud is forwarded to us, after installation.


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