Facade BIM Case study


Project information

Building Type Commercial
Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Inputs Fabrication drawings
Deliverables Procurement BIM
Software Autocad – 2015
Services Curtain wall, Doors, Guardrail, Louver
Facade BIM

Business model adopted

ITCC-17 parcel project was executed with a Turnaround time of over 5 months with the intensity of work performed depending necessarily on the stage of the project. A project-based pricing model was adopted based on the estimated hours involved in Advenser’s activities. Monthly invoices were raised proportionally to the progress of work performed.

Our scope of services

This construction project involves 31,150 sq. ft. of Aluminium composite panel cladding, 51,100 sq. ft. of curtain wall (curved, slanting and straight type. including external features with formed cover, Doors, louvers, supporting steel structure, parapet cladding). Total detailing estimate was 1500 Hours. Advenser’s scope of services in the project consisted of remarks modification of previous drawings, preparation of new drawings, fabrication drawings, material calculations, curtain wall structural calculations and necessary 3D models as per the Architectural and building structural drawing. The design drawings for all trades were delivered as both cad and pdf. The queries/assumptions were prepared as issues or RFIs in a predefined template and submitted for the client approval. The Issues were tracked using Issue tracker and a lead time was specified within which the RFI has to be responded satisfactorily. Drafting of all elements have done using software Autocad 2014 and 2015. Autocad 2014 3D software is used for modeling some part of the curtain wall.

ITCC Detailing
Facade BIM Case study
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