Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated project delivery (IPD), is the process of delivering all disciplines or trades in a construction project collaboratively through all phases of design, fabrication, and construction serving all stake holders including architects, technical consultants, builders, general contractors and specialty contractors. The growing use of Building Information Modeling in the construction industry is allowing far greater information collaboration between project participants using IPD and considered an important tool to increasing productivity throughout the construction process.

Advenser, with its highly efficient BIM capability, empower you to adapt such an integrated approach in project delivery embracing BIM technology and processes. We have equally competent teams for Architecture, Structure MEP, and HVAC which work together collaboratively to deliver you an integrated BIM project model and associated set of drawings. This gives you the advantage of faster delivery times, lower costs, low productivity and waste, reduced time overruns & quality issues and a more enjoyable process for all parties involved in the project.

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