Steel Detailing Case study

New McDonough High School

Steel Detailing for New McDonough High School

Project Information

Building Type: High School

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Inputs: Structural & Architectural Design drawings

Deliverables: Steel Erection & Shop drawings

Software: Tekla Structures

Services: Structural & Misc. Steel detailing


The high school project involved structures that comprised of heavy sloped truss members, auditorium, catwalk structure, gymnasium, classrooms, parking garage and eight stair towers.

Our scope of work

The scope of work required Advenser to create 3D structural steel model including all main, embed and miscellaneous steel elements using Tekla Structures; to extract all drawings and reports to facilitate the construction of steel structure.

Advenser created models and drawings as per AISC, AWS & OSHA standards based on structural and architectural design drawings. The project deliverables included erection drawings, Fabrication drawings and single part drawings. Advenser also generated reports – ABM, B.O.M, NC file, KISS file, Bolt list, Stud list & dxf.

Business Model Adopted

New McDonough High School is a project done in an hourly billing business model.
Steel Detailing Case study-New McDonough High School
Steel Detailing Case study-New McDonough High School
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