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BIM Services for Educational Facilities

Buildings in the educational sector have the longest and most extensive life cycles on an average when compared to other public buildings. These are not only the place for teaching and learning but also an important space where youngsters spend a major share of their life hours and hence the need for these spaces to be healthy, friendly and safe.

Structural model of school building

These factors will also contribute towards determining learning and teaching effectiveness. There exists a very close relationship between the quality of education imparted to students and the building environment in the campus. Therefore, the implementation of cutting edge technologies make design, construction and operation of facilities and spaces in school campuses and universities competitive, challenging and demanding. Among other things, innovation for cutting edge technologies and sustainability are also evaluated as factors that enhance the quality, and efficiency of educational projects. Of late, BIM has proved to be the backbone for the fulfillment project objectives in the design and construction of many modern smart campuses, acting as an integrated solution for managing campus projects from the design stage, through construction to the operation and renovation stages. Our extensive domain expertise in these projects and advanced skillsets in diverse BIM softwares enable us to deliver Integrated BIM Projects of highest quality.

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BIM for educational industries


Steel detailing for a school building

With hundreds of educational institutions competing for a limited amount of government funding for new as well as renovation projects, the way a project design is presented plays a decisive role in setting it apart from the rest. Among other things, innovation and sustainability are parameters that are deemed to be measured higher in the evaluation matrix by approval committees and authorities for securing grants. BIM is the comprehensive tool that builders and construction companies resort to for creating energy efficient, economic and sustainable campus spaces as it has the power to gather, integrate and use visual modeling to improve planning, space utilization and energy optimization of multiple engineering and architectural services. 

At the pre-design phase, we offer to provide multiple BIM models illustrating different design options to owners, architects and general contractors so that they can decide on the best option that fit the desired requirements. The architectural design development model that we prepare at the early design phase will help the project architect evaluate and decide on skin options such masonry, curtain wall, window styles, perform daylight studies, determine shading features etc. Cost estimates for each option and collaborative 3D viewing sessions can improve communications and trust between stakeholders and enable accelerate your decision making early in the process. The integrated BIM service we offer in architectural, structural mechanical, plumbing engineering disciplines ensures well-coordinated and synchronized working of all group participants. The accuracy of our BIM model will allow your designers and technical consultants to visualize and calculate the specifics of any building element with desired materials, evaluate multiple design options with cost estimates and clear collisions amongst other components or equipments. After the design model is updated with detailed information, we produce the construction drawings (CD) that are used for bidding to trade contractors.


The benefits of BIM in the construction process of educational institutions mirror those elsewhere in the construction industry. BIM integrates the roles of all stakeholders involved in a project by simulating all the phases of construction project in a virtual environment. Our extensive experience in executing countless number of BIM projects for schools, colleges, universities and technical institutes have made us the masters of the trade and the client organizations that come back to us every time for repeated businesses on these projects speaks volume. The BIM model that we create for you based on your architectural, MEP & structural design drawings will be a precise virtual replication of your to-be-constructed building and will reflect accurate geometry & relevant data required for your procurement, fabrication and construction activities. It will reflect the properties, quantities and spatial relationships of building elements, as well as project schedules and cost estimates.

MEP services for indoor stadium services for indoor stadium

Clashes and interferences checking between multiple engineering services can be resolved, and scope of work extracted for independent trades. Shop drawings and fabrication drawings of different trades are generated after clash coordination. All team members such owners, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers can collaborate more efficiently since all aspects, disciplines, and systems of the project are encompassed within a single, virtual model. We offer accurate construction sequencing that can be effectively used to coordinate material procurement, quantity take offs, fabrication, and delivery schedules for building components. These entities are automatically updated when any changes are made in the model.

BIM enabled Campus Asset Management (CAM)

BIM model of a hall

After construction is completed, we host the BIM model with all the space and equipment data as well as any minor changes that were done at site by the working crew of contractors and sub-contractors. Apart from equipment details, data on assets as furniture, fixtures, furnishings, signage, security etc are also embedded in the model. This model, called the As-built BIM model will serve as a tool for the campus facility managers and administrators for storing essential details that are needed for operating the facility, to manage risk and execute strategic planning by integrating it with their Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). This will aide in optimizing space utilization, anticipating maintenance needs, providing information for remodeling and retrofitting etc. The As-built data handed over by architect, builder and contractor are entered by us into the model in a prescribed format called COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange) at the end of construction stage.

It includes equipment data such as the brand, model, serial number, and warranty information as well as when a particular equipment needs to be fixed, upgraded, or replaced. As we are entrusted with the maintenance of the FM model, once a given components is repaired, replaced, removed we will ensure that these are reflected in the model as well. The integrated BIM model we provide makes sure that the campus facilitators have immediate access to valuable documentation from one single interface. Maintenance teams can access vital from a hand-held device instantly. Administrators can manage and coordinate campus space more efficiently and reduce renovation expenses. Our FM model can serve as a comprehensive portal on every building equipment electrical & IT equipment, access controls, mechanical systems etc thereby optimization their operation and improving energy consumption. Streamlining the maintenance process allows equipment to be properly maintained to the optimal environmental conditions while avoiding waste associated with inefficient operation. Information on life expectancy and replacement cost on components are populated in the BIM model strengthening the strategic planning process. In summary, our comprehensive BIM services helps campus administrators to improve their decision-making, budget management, contract management, space & resource management, risk & safety management as well as cost management. 

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