Architectural Content Creation Case study


Project Information

Family Partitions
Project Duration 1 Week
Inputs Iges file/ pdf specifications file
Deliverables Parametric Model
Software Revit
architectural BIM services

Business model adopted

A Simple Spec Partitions job was done in Revit. The scope of work was parametric family creation, with 14 types of partition families having varying degrees of complexity, from simple to knotty parameters and nested generic models. It took around 1 week to model the same in an hourly billing business model.

Our scope of services

Inputs from the client included detailed specification set in CAD and pdf formats and also iges files for modeling the irregular shapes. These partition families contained odd shaped panels fulfilling the aesthetic purpose and a no of hardware like cables, supports, frames etc. to support the panels. The customer required a high degree of customization in addition to the option to add panels to the single panel as an instance parameter. Also, they needed these families to be hosted on any raised surface and the option to choose panel finish. Advenser delivered Revit model for commercial purpose.

architectural BIM
architecture BIM
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