BIM Services for Modular Construction

Building information Modeling (BIM) is a vital aspect of modular construction process for creating an accurate virtual prototype of prefabricated components of the building prior to manufacture at factory. We offer BIM services to a wide spectrum of clients such as contractors, modular builders and fabricators.

BIM for Modular construction
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BIM for Modular construction

BIM for Architectural Modular Construction

The architectural BIM team at Advenser is vastly experienced in modular projects and component architectural prefabrication units such as wall panels, modular sub-assemblies, kitchen units etc. Our BIM model provides a platform for all key stakeholders to collaborate more efficiently during design, construction and operational stages of a project. We develop individual design development model & prepare CD sets of prefabricated units during the design phase. These are combined at a later stage to create an Integrated BIM model of the whole project (LOD 300 Coordination Model). Shop drawings of each unit is produced for fabrication after clash resolution. Material Take-off lists extracted from the BIM model help procurement activities.

Drawing for modular construction

Services Offered:

BIM for Structural Modular Construction

We have more than a decade of work experience with modular construction companies, structural steel fabricators, precast manufacturers, panel fabricators in distinct projects extensively using prefabricated structural steel, concrete, and precast components.

Services Offered:

Our BIM model acts as a common digital environment (CDE) for all parties to communicate & collaborate in a clearer and more precise manner. We support structural consultants & engineers with design development modeling, construction documentation  & Energy analysis modeling. During the later stages, we provide LOD 300 coordination model, shop drawings & erection/installation drawings for modular assemblies & prefabricated structural components to manufacturers, fabricators and trade contractors.

BIM for structural modular construction

BIM for MEP Modular Construction

Our Modular BIM model contains data on the geometry, location, supplier details, clearance requirements, operation and maintenance of each MEP element that helps the procurement, fabrication and on-site assembling activities. 

BIM for MEP prefab

We conduct MEP Clash detection & resolution in compliance with the design parameters & the local building code of practice. BIM managers at Advenser can also conduct or facilitate your online BIM coordination meetings. We also provide MEP shop drawings, erection drawings, and Bills of Quantity (Take off) for distinct modular & prefabricated MEP systems.

Services offered:

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