Construction documentation is the process of developing, refining and documenting design drawings with additional detailing such as product & material specifications, contract requirements and installation details. Construction documents or CD sets, as they are often referred to, provide essential information for the building design and construction and serve the purpose of building permit application, bidding and construction contract administration. Regardless of the building type or design, we are experts in preparing detailed Construction Documents that help contractors and construction professionals make sense of the design from a sea of information associated with the project. We utilize BIM to prepare comprehensive and accurate CD sets for various engineering trades and help communicate the design intent.

Construction Drawing of a commercial building

Our architectural, structural and MEP engineers collaborate for developing integrated design model for all trades and generating coordinated construction drawings of each trade. We provide CD sets for architectural design, structural engineering, mechanical & plumbing systems, lighting and landscape. Our modelers adopt a thoroughly systematic approach and collaborate efficiently for preparing the drawings using innovative project management applications.

Architectural Construction Drawings

They consist of a bunch of different drawings such as Floor Plans, Site drawings, Landscape drawings & Slab edge Plans. Preparation of CD sets is the last stage of the architectural design process and are more detailed than the concept design drawings.
General Notes
Floor Plans
Roof plans
Door and windows schedule sheet
Interior elevations
Finish Drawings
Site Plan
Reflected Ceiling Plans (RCP)
Building Sections
Wall sections
Typical details sheet
architectural drawing for a commercial building
Architectural construction drawing
construction drawing for a commercial building
Our architectural detailers understand that construction documents are the project blueprints and illustrate every technical aspect in the form of drawings and specifications with due diligence and care. We ensure that the construction drawings we produce give a clear view of entire building, how it is to be built, materials used and installation technology required.
Architectural Drawing for a hotel building

Structural Construction Drawings

Structural construction drawings will have additional details showing the locations, sizes, spacing details and materials specification of structural elements. They also provide details of the fixing system of structural members to each another and to the structure.
structural construction drawing
Our structural modelers ensure the structural CD sets are exactly in line with the engineer’s perspective by precisely illustrating the location, anchoring and assembling details of beam, columns, slabs, footings, girders, rafters, bracings, joists and struts. Advenser provides structural documentation services for steel, precast, reinforced concrete, brickwork and structural timber.
General Notes
Foundation details
Beam Layout
Framing plans
Blockworks drawings
Foundation Plan
Column Layout
Slab Layout
Roof Layout
Structural Construction documents
Structural Construction documents
Structural Construction documents

MEP Construction Drawings

MEP Construction Drawings are prepared to show the location, identification and installation details of all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) elements in a building. Our MEP modeling team puts in great care and forethought into developing the CD sets of MEP elements. We prepare integrated MEP CD sets through effective collaboration, coordination and team work with the client and with each other. Brand specifications, placement and identification details of all MEP equipment, parts and fixtures are also illustrated in the utility CD sets. We offer construction drawings for the following MEP trades:

Air Conditioning
Heating and Ventilation
architectural drawing for a commercial building
Architectural construction drawing
construction drawing for a commercial building
The Mechanical Construction Drawings will show the location and size of mechanical equipment, ductwork and air handling systems, Connection details are also provided in the detailed drawing set. Plumbing drawings provide the location and size of pipes to provide fresh water and dispose waste. The Electrical drawings set will illustrate the locations of all power and data outlets, lighting fixtures, switch boxes etc with wiring details and manufacture specifications.
construction drawing for MEP elements

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