Architectural & Structural BIM Case study

MONTROSE – 1 & 2

Architectural BIM case study by Advenser

Project Information

Building Type: Hotel & Apartments

Location: Dubai, UAE

Inputs: Architectural and Structural Design Drawings

Deliverables: LOD 300 BIM

Software: Revit Suite

Services: LOD 300 BIM for Coordination Purposes


Montrose-1 & 2 was a residential and hotel apartment development by Deyaar PJSC. The project consists of three 20 story towers. This 20 storied 3 towers situated in Dubai has a built-up area of 776,121 sq. ft. Out of three towers, 2 are residential and one is a hotel tower. The two residential towers feature 68 one-bedroom, 68 two-bedroom, five three-bedroom and two four-bedroom apartments. The hotel apartment tower includes 88 studios, as well as 68 one-bedroom and 24 two-bedroom units.

Our scope of work

The scope of work requires Advenser to deliver a BIM model, suitable for coordination purposes. The BIM model consists modeling of all the architectural and structural elements as LOD 300 specifications.

Business Model Adopted

We made a BIM with LOD 300 specifications for their coordination purposes. 6 resources were engaged in that with an hourly billing business model.

Architectural BIM case study by Advenser
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