Building Information Modeling (BIM) has completely revolutionized the AEC industry, bringing a higher level of efficiency to the conventional design and construction process

BIM Innovations

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of the main innovations shaping & revolutionizing the construction industry. It has become a vital part of many AECO firms accelerating their workflow and optimizing end results. With the advancement in BIM, many new innovations are emerging to improve and advance the efficacy of BIM. These smart innovations help leverage BIM to its highest potential.

Innovative new solutions to improve the efficiency of BIM:

3D Printing

3D Printing

BIM-based 3D printing is used for rapid prototyping of designs using 3D printers. In simple terms, it helps produce a 3D prototype of the design facilitating the client to better understand the actual structure giving a look and feel of the same. This majorly has its own benefits of deriving accurate, complex structures minimizing material and time wastage.

Digital twins for construction

Commonly considered as same, Digital twins differ from BIM. BIM along with Digital twins can be utilized to get a thorough picture of the actual built environment in real-time at different stages of the project. Digital Twin captures all the data produced by the smart devices installed in the buildings/structures giving real-time information. This helps majorly in having a full view of all data, monitoring safety and security, and maintenance of the edifice.

Virtual reality for construction

BIM along with AR/VR technology is utilized to facilitate stakeholders with a comprehensive and sheer image of the structure allowing them to actually experience the look and feel of the site. This makes it easier to incorporate changes avoiding time and money wastage. AR typically implies superimposing BIM models over a real-world environment, whereas VR enables you to literally walk through the BIM model and its surroundings. Both AR and VR can help detect clashes & coordination errors in an interactive manner.

Scan to BIM services

With advancement and innovation in BIM technology, Scan-to BIM is an addition. BIM in general is majorly utilized by new constructions. However, for the existing structures, historical monuments, etc. to be repaired, renovated, refurbished, and operated for maintenance Scan-to-BIM is an easier and more flexible approach. This advanced laser scanning is done with the help of 3D laser scanners eventually converting the recorded information into point cloud data for the further BIM process. This constitutes prime benefits like time-saving techniques, elimination of the risk of human-prone errors in measurements, and data collection.

Industrialized construction innovation

Industrialized construction comprises off-site construction, prefabrication, and on-site installation/construction to build new or retrofit buildings. This can also be termed as prefabrication. BIM combined with prefabrication yields highly accurate and quality components/assemblies/modules leading to reduced costs by saving on materials, wages, and time. With the increasing adoption of BIM, there has been seen a notable rise in Prefabrication needs. Advenser is pleased to mention that we do provide services with all of the above smart BIM innovations.

Energy Modeling

Energy modeling

The increasing need for sustainability in today’s world does not leave BIM untouched. Energy analysis can be performed on the BIM models/projects to provide energy consumption data. This vital data can be further operated to make informed decisions to reduce carbon footprint. BIM-based energy models also aid in acquiring LEED certification for the project along with providing relevant evidence to validate the usage of green technologies.

Visual Programming and BIM

Visual programming and BIM

Visual programming helps automate BIM workflow and repetitive tasks involved within the project right from the concept stage to final stage. One such example is Dynamo. BIM paired with Dynamo is used for modeling and analyzing complex geometries, and producing generative designs. Dynamo makes the design process more efficient with realistic risk predictions.

Here are some benefits of using our BIM services:

Quality Assurance

We ensure the quality assurance of a 3D BIM model by continuously inspecting the model system and finding potential areas of improvement, discrepancies, or mistakes. The 3D model is compared with the client’s conformanceensuring quality.

Proficient Team

We possess a team of highly skilled professionals to cater to comprehensive client needs.

Extensive experience and retaining clients

With the global existence, we have gained extensive experience working with clients around the globe. This also helps us to keep abreast of current trends and standards. Delivering our customers with successful projects helps us win clients’ trust and retention.


Accuracy is our first priority. We deliver an accurate model with custom-tailored requirements of our clientele.

Cost-effective & Quick turnaround time

Our service offerings are the finest and most cost-effective. Our dedicated team of professionals works on the allotted projects to ensure timely deliverables.

Progress Documentation

We document the entire process to give you valuable insights into the project’s progress. These insights also help to have clarity in communication.

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