BIM Case study

200 Sydney St, Cambridge

Project information

Building Type Office Building
Location MA, USA
Inputs Point Cloud file
Deliverables BIM Model
Software Revit-2014, Recap
Services HVAC Pipe & Electrical
MEP BIM Case Study

Business model adopted

Hourly basis business model was used for this project involving modeling of plumbing and Electrical conduits from Point cloud data.

Our scope of services

200 Sydney St, located in Fort Washington Research Center is a 4 story laboratory & office building constructed in the year 2000 and, currently it is under renovation for new tenants. A major renovation work was planned in case of HVAC ducts. Our objective was to convert the 3D scanned point cloud data of hydronic and plumbing pipes as well as conduits in the Mechanical room into an intelligent BIM with LOD 300 in order to study the impact of new clashes and reworks required on other services as a result of changes in ducts.

The main challenge we faced was, the only available input is in the point cloud format which was partially vague. We took it as a challenge and put extra effort to create the model in Revit Software with the assistance of Autodesk Navisworks and Autodesk Recap. Final deliverable submitted by Advenser was an As-built model of mechanical room pipes and conduits complete with supports, hanger and equipment for coordination purpose with redesigned ducts.

MEP BIM Case Study
pint cloud BIM MEP Case Study
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