A large number of organizations migrate to BIM by providing their employees with short software training sessions which are simply not enough to handle large-scale projects. Organizations which switch to BIM for the first time are in need of an extensive training that is most suitable to their process and industry, without which they will end up spending a lot of time and money and not still equipped to implement BIM.

We have a diverse range of project experience from various geographies under our belts which qualifies us for expert BIM trainers. We help companies to make the right investments, recommend the right steps and guide through the best practices. By partnering with us, companies can leverage the advantages of BIM and extract the best project outcome.

BIM Certificate Program
East Stroudsburg University (ESU) partners with Advenser Technology Services, Inc. to offer a joint certificate in BIM Training. The course provides insight into impact of digitalization, lean and collaborative approaches on the delivery and use of built assets.

BIM Consulting

Advenser act as a strategic BIM partner to the client educating and training them

Off-Site BIM Team

An Offshore BIM team works just like a virtual extension of the client’s organization

BIM Implementation

Advenser adopts BIM implementation strategies depending on the standards

BIM Coordination

BIM allows a client to adopt sustainable designs for their construction projects

BIM Object Library

Custom Revit family creation is the process of creating a library of building products

Integrated Project Delivery

Advenser, empower you to adopt integrated approach in project delivery

COBie Services

COBie is a standard data format used in the data gathering of a building during its design

On-Site BIM Support

Get expert assistance On-Site for your BIM projects from our team

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