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BIM For Hospitals

If your organization specializes in healthcare facility design, consultation, construction or management, and you are looking for tapping the rewards of BIM into your projects, get in touch with our BIM champions!

BIM Services for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare projects are one of the most complex types of buildings in terms of all stages of building life cycles – design, construction, operation, and maintenance. BIM is often a lifesaver for the management of visual, data handling and communication needs of these massive projects by overtly simplifying the processes from design to operation by handling them in an integrated and holistic manner.

MEP services for hospital building

You can count on our service to help you with risk mitigation and set up the right contractual framework throughout the work phases – Design, Construction, Offsite fabrication, Modular construction, BIM enabled healthcare Built Asset Management (BAM), Renovation & Demolition.

Healthcare Facilities We have Worked With:

Cancer Centre
Neurology Centre
Medical Colleges
Bio-Pharmaceutical Centre
Military Hospitals
Dermatology Centres
Health Care Clinics
Women and Child Specialty
Diagnostic Centres
Out Patient Centres
Rehabilitation Centres
Community Health Centres
Endo Surgery Centres
Mental Health
Dental Centres
Osteopathy Hospitals
Multi – Specialty Hospital


MEP drawings for healthcare facility

Design is by far one of most challenging processes in the project cycle of hospitals & intensive care facilities. A hospital may have ten time over moving parts and equipments when compared to an office or commercial building. There are no other building types apart from hospitals and treatment facilities in which the impact of the built environment is so much pivotal to the efficiency of its daily functioning and operation, as the space utilization largely influences on the recovery & healthcare outcomes.

Air quality, energy control, noise control, communication and infection control, sight lines between patient and nursing staff are factors that are interrelated with the healing process of its occupants. What makes it more challenging is that the space designed to house existing equipments and facilities will most definitely need to redesigned for new or advanced ones with technology updates. BIM technology and an experienced and scalable BIM team like ours can be just the solution for adopting a dynamic design model for a healthcare facility. We can help ensure your BIM design development model stays live throughout its life cycle and updated for future developments. BIM tools allow the above mentioned factors to be controlled as parameters for design. We can handle your concept model and populate it with details through the design- redesign stages, construction and operation.Our team can develop virtual prototype models of examination rooms, treatment areas, trauma care centres, operation theaters, 3D virtual walkthroughs and what-if design scenarios to communicate design intent to hospital administrators and owners. Our design development teams make sure that the design models are constantly revised with design drawing changes to accommodate the latest specifications.


Building codes and regulations for healthcare projects stipulate a large number of requirements related to installation systems such as medical gases, hot or sterile water supplies, life supporting systems, HVAC & MEP systems, fixtures and equipments, minimum clearance spaces, fire safety systems etc. This not only calls for an experienced design team, but also for an expert BIM team with core experience handling healthcare projects, for delivering a comprehensive model integrating the various multi-disciplined engineering trades. Coordination with MEP services is the area that is often termed problematic by experts in this industry. Advenser team is the right fit here for you, as our MEP teams have core expertise and extensive experience coordinating MEP services in healthcare projects across the globe. Just as we can support you during your design development, we can continue to assist you during the construction phase, conducting virtual coordination meetings with multi trade contractors, performing clash coordination processes, generating shop drawing etc. You can extract not just basic geometrics from our BIM model, but also spatial relationships between mechanical, electric and plumbing (MEP) components, clash reports, as well as quantities and cost estimates of the building materials. You can rely on our BIM model as a means to communicate various project activities and boost collaboration across project teams.

Medical gas piping modeling

We produce accurate, intelligent BIM models that are constantly updated throughout the construction phase with real-time information, empowering project teams make informed decisions and respond to project needs on a time bound manner. Our architectural, structural and MEP BIM teams ensure that any changes, revisions or updates from architects, MEP contractors or structural fabricators are promptly encompassed in the model throughout the construction process. Cloud computing and a central BIM model allows remote teams to coordinate documents and changes on a daily basis.

Offsite Fabrication & Modular Construction

MEP Coordination model for medical facility

BIM gives construction industry the ability to fabricate building components away from the building site saving a great deal of time and ensuring only minimum workers on site. Prefabricated units may include walls, doors, sheet metal ducts, mechanical pipes, plumbing pipes, precast panels, structural steel members, modular building sections etc. Our 4D construction sequencing services can help project managers and contractors to plan for fabrication of building components in a factory or workshop, then transport them promptly to site at the right time and assemble them as needed. This technique brings down construction costs by economizing time, wages, and materials. We have worked with a myriad of duct, pipe and plumbing fabricators, fit-out contractors, modular building manufacturers, precast panel manufacturers and steel fabricators helping them generate on time fabrication drawings and schedules.

With our parametric modeling services, component manufacturers can eliminate unnecessary design effort and calculations and invest more time in fabrication processes. Our fabrication model deliverables include file formats that can be electronically exported to CNC machines directly for automated fabrication. The erection drawings we produce make sure that the components fabricated this way therefore can be assembled without any mismatch or errors. Prefabrication has also the advantage of bringing the manufacturers and fabricators early into the discussions and planning involved from the design stage. Our MEP modelers have vast experience in creating spool drawings of mechanical pipes and optimizing them to provide all the information needed for workshop owners and fabrication units to accurately manufacture pipe sections and subsequently assemble it at site. We have been involved in a large number of prefabricated modular building projects wherein building sections embedding architectural, structural components as well as ducts, piping and plumbing components are manufactured at factories elsewhere and then transported and erected at the project site. Modular construction is especially useful in hospital projects as these are often fast track projects. Requirements of separate contained areas with emphasis on hygiene and safety factors are easily met by manufacturing them as separate units and attached to the main building compared to conventional renovation processes.

BIM Enabled Healthcare Built Asset Management (BAM)

Facility managers and administrators have the most important say in most healthcare projects because it all comes down to them to boost the success quotient of hospital management. They are the people that integrate people, building, processes and technology ensuring the smooth functioning of the facility. Decision makers are involved early in the project. Advenser Facility Management services make sure that increasingly detailed levels of data gathered throughout the construction process from architects, technical consultants, contractors, fabricators and manufacturers are integrated and populated into the BIM model at the end of construction phase. This saves the maintenance teams countless hours collecting the data manually to update the computerized maintenance management system. The Cobie that we extract from Facility Management model can be directly exported to FM software and used for creating reports on space requirements, day to day operational functions, repair & maintenance schedules, warranties etc. We incorporate design drawings handed over at the end of the construction as well as text-based documentations into the digital 3D model of the building, which will serve as a good starting point.

Medical gas system model

Our comprehensive BIM model accommodating architectural, structural & mechanical, plumbing and equipment details can serve as a reference library for the operation and maintenance departments and can be used for the creation of maintenance schedules, standards manuals and purchase orders. This wide range of interdepartmental data related to asset management and health service performance can be used by facility managers to make decisions on space management, scheduled equipment replacement.

Renovation & Demolition

Hospital room MEP BIM modeling

Renovation procedures of a functional hospital is more challenging than others since it is important that these activities should not obstruct or interfere with critical operational tasks of the institution. Compromises in safety, isolation effectiveness, sound control and infection control can prove quite detrimental to the functioning of the hospital as a whole. Hence minimization operational downtime and management of temporary spaces are of utmost importance here. Embracing BIM for renovation comes as a blessing to those personnel that are involved in the hospital administration.

A detailed BIM model of the existing facility is quite handy renovation or refurbishment as it offers holistic information of the structure and the area that needs to be renovated can be easily isolated without disrupting other areas and emergency services. This allows the construction companies to minimize errors and risks through data management, cost calculation, and a better renovation schedule. We have participated in numerous hospital renovation projects ensuring all the collected equipment and building services data is is streamlined and made easily accessible to all the stakeholders. You can utilize our scan to BIM services and As-built documentation expertise to carve out and execute a more comprehensive plan successfully for renovation. Our 4D construction schedules can be effectively utilized for implementing the transfer of operation in phases without temporarily moving patient care. Demolition procedures for getting rid of one section or facility in a hospital building is as critical and challenging as its renovation itself, as there can be potentially many unknown factors that may come to light only later but can simply pile up cost. BIM can play a significant role even during the demolition of a building by integrating all the unorganized building data. The data rich As-built model generated by us can be used as a source of information which will help you get rid of any discrepancies that occur during demolition. The BIM model that we generate will help you analyze the impact of removing a structure or section and how the demolition activity may interfere or obstruct other trades and areas. You can count on our service to help you with risk mitigation and set up the right contractual framework.

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