Architectural BIM Case Study

Simple Spec Doors

Architectural Content Creation for Doors done by Advenser

Project Information

Family: Doors

Project Duration: 4 Days

Inputs: Iges files/pdf specifications file

Deliverables: Parametric Model

Software: Autodesk Revit

Services: Family Creation

Year: 2017


Inputs from the client included detailed specification sets in CAD and pdf formats and also iges files for modeling the irregular shapes. Simple Spec doors consist of five unique doors with sliding and pivot operations, with each door differing by the guide through which it slides.

Our scope of work

The scope included frameless doors and doors with frames. All the doors were provided with a weight borne at the header or on the floor. The most tedious task was dealing with the hardware components, every single tiny fragment had to be modeled so that the shop drawing extraction can be precise and the hardware components were finally nested to the main family. The hardware finish and the width & height parameters were customized as per the client’s requirement. Advenser successfully delivered Revit model for commercial purpose.

Business Model Adopted

The Simple Spec Door job was done in Revit. The scope of work was parametric family creation, with 5 types of door families having nested generic models. It took 4 business days to model the same in an hourly billing business model.

Architectural Content Creation for Doors done by Advenser
Architectural Content Creation for Doors done by Advenser
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