Architectural BIM Case Study

Plot 18 Business Bay

Landscape 3d modeling done for a Hotel by Advenser

Project Information

Building Type: Business Class Hotel

Location: Dubai, UAE.

Project Duration : 1 Month

Inputs: Finished CAD and PDF Landscape Drawings. Architecture and Structural Revit Models

Deliverables: Landscape Revit Model

Software: Autodesk Revit Suite

Services: Interior

Year: 2017


Plot 18 Business Bay was a project involving landscape modeling and coordination services from Advenser. The client had a requirement to develop a landscape BIM model in Revit which can further be linked to the main BIM model.

Our scope of work

Input documents from the client were CAD and PDF files of landscape design drawings. The client also shared an architectural and structural Revit model of the project for reference. Autodesk Revit suite was used to execute the project and the final landscape model submitted included paving, planting, seating and separate pools for both adults and kids.
The landscape model and drawings were updated as per the changes happening in the reference architectural model.

Business Model Adopted

A team of 4 was engaged for 1 month to complete the project in an hourly billing business model.

Architectural BIM Case Study for a Hotel case study done by Advenser
Landscape 3d modeling done for a Hotel by Advenser
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