BIM Consulting Services for ISO 19650

Are You Ready for ISO 19650? Conduct an Audit to Find Out!

ISO 19650 is the international standard for managing information over the whole life cycle of a built asset using Building Information Modelling (BIM). Compliance with ISO 19650 ensures that your company is aligned with the best practices for data management, enhancing collaboration, and improving project efficiency. As the industry increasingly adopts digital construction methodologies, ensuring your processes meet ISO 19650 standards is essential for maintaining competitiveness and achieving project excellence.

Our comprehensive ISO 19650 audit is designed to evaluate your company’s readiness for compliance with international BIM standards. We analyze your current processes, identify gaps, and provide tailored recommendations to help you align with ISO 19650 requirements, ensuring your company can leverage the full benefits of BIM.

Optimize Your Project Information Management with ISO 19650

Standard Compliance Checks


Folder Structure and Naming Conventions

Ensure consistent folder structures and clear naming conventions for all documents.


Drawing and Sheet Naming Standards

Adopt standardized naming for drawings and sheets to streamline project management.

Design Verification and Validation


Comprehensive Design Checks

Conduct thorough design reviews to ensure accuracy and completeness.


Building Code Adherence

Verify that designs comply with all relevant building codes and regulations.

Output Reliability Assessment


CD Sets and Shop Drawings Review

Evaluate construction document sets and shop drawings for accuracy and reliability.


Bill of Quantity (BOQ) Accuracy

Ensure the precision of BOQs to avoid discrepancies and budget issues.

Adherence to Industry Best Practices


Standards and Levels of Development (LOD) Compliance

Ensure all models meet industry standards and LOD requirements.


Imperial and Metric Systems Expertise

Manage projects effectively in both imperial and metric systems.

Specialized BIM Model Review


Diverse Building Types Expertise

Provide expert review for a variety of building types, ensuring design integrity.


Validation Against Design Criteria

Confirm that BIM models meet all specified design criteria.

Detailed BIM Model Audit Report


Comprehensive Audit Reporting

Deliver detailed audit reports outlining model strengths and weaknesses.


Improvement Recommendations

Offer actionable recommendations to enhance model quality and performance.

How Our Services Work

Consultation: Discuss Your Needs and Assess Your Current Practices
In the initial consultation phase, we engage closely with your team to understand your specific requirements, challenges, and existing BIM and ISO 19650 compliance practices, aiming to align our services with your objectives and effectively meet your needs.

Implementation: Setting Up Systems, Training Staff, and Integrating BIM Tools
We implement robust systems and processes, ensuring compliance with ISO 19650 requirements, by configuring BIM software, establishing workflows, and integrating tools. Our experienced trainers provide comprehensive training, preparing staff for efficient adoption.

Strategy Development: Tailored Strategy for ISO 19650 Implementation
We create a customized strategy for implementing ISO 19650 standards within your organization, optimizing information management, enhancing stakeholder collaboration, and integrating BIM tools, aligning with your goals and ensuring long-term success.

Ongoing Support: Continuous Support for Compliance and Improvement
At Advenser, we specialize in optimizing project information management through our comprehensive BIM Auditing services. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring your project meets the latest standards, enhancing quality, efficiency, and collaboration.

Our BIM Auditing services are designed to streamline your project’s information workflows. We develop and manage BIM processes that align precisely with ISO 19650 standards, guaranteeing compliance and maximizing project performance. By integrating advanced BIM methodologies, we facilitate seamless communication among project stakeholders and mitigate risks effectively.

Benefits of Conducting an Audit for ISO 19650 Compliance

Identification of Gaps

An ISO19650 audit helps organizations identify gaps and deficiencies in their current practices by systematically evaluating information management processes and protocols, enabling them to identify areas for improvement and enhance efficiency.

Improved Collaboration

Compliance with ISO 19650 fosters a collaborative environment where information is shared efficiently and accurately among project stakeholders, reducing misunderstandings and improving decision-making.


Implementing Improvements

The audit provides valuable insights for organizations to enhance their information management capabilities by implementing targeted improvements such as investing in training programs, upgrading technology, and revising internal policies.


Competitive Advantage

Achieving ISO 19650 compliance enhances your company’s reputation, demonstrating your commitment to quality and excellence, and positioning you as a leader in the construction industry.


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