Our team of expert BIM consultants works with clients all around the world to ensure that your 3D BIM models are accurate and consistent across the board.

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BIM Auditing Services

Our experienced auditors will evaluate the amount of precision put into your BIM projects by comparing it to the design criteria on which you constructed the model and present you with a complete BIM model report to determine whether it fulfills the industry-level criteria required. Most of the reputed Design-Build companies make it a practice get an objective validation of the BIM models developed in-house. This helps to verify and ensure the accuracy and consistency of the information contained in the Building Information Model (BIM).

Visual Checks

The simplest technique of quality assurance, in visual checks the BIM models and drawings are checked for visual discrepancies. Visual testing at Advenser is usually done with the help of viewers or native software itself.

BIM model auditing

Clash Checks

In clash checks with Advenser, Navisworks, Solibri, BIM Collab, or similar technologies are used to detect clashes on the 3D BIM models to provide insights that cannot be detected through visual testing. This allows you to locate clashes and decide whether or not to fix them through design changes.

BIM model audit report

Nomenclature Check

To increase auditing management, Advenser runs a check to see if the files are named accurately and according to the BIM Execution Plan/project guidelines and file naming standard for ensuring that all parties are in sync.

BIM model auditing

General Auditing Services


Ensuring that the BIM model aligns with the standards of the nations involved in project delivery.

Confirming the appropriate implementation of best BIM practices.

Auditing the integrity and accuracy of the model in comparison to the design.


Reviewing the level of development (LOD) standards applied in the BIM model.


Verify that the model confirms the information extracted from the 2D drawings.

Advenser BIM Auditing Process

Perform routine examination to ensure the correct organization of folders, adherence to naming convention and proper naming of drawings and sheets.

Conduct thorough assessment to verify the designs, validate its accuracy, and ensure compliance with building codes.

Validate the accuracy of construction documentation sets, and bill of quantities derived from the BIM Model.

Verify that the BIM model and associated drawing aligns with project standards, scope of work and specified level of development (LOD).

Why Advenser BIM Model Auditing Services


Exposure to multiple BIM projects

Our vast and wide experience of creating BIM models for multiple projects ranging from commercial/residential buildings to hospitals, prisons, and metro stations can be leveraged to give you the best result while reviewing your BIM model against the indented design, solving anomalies.


Familiar with the BIM standards of different countries

With customers in over 40 countries, Advenser has gained unique insights into the BIM standards used around the world. Leveraging the expertise on the necessary standards, our team can successfully audit your BIM projects within a short span of time.


Team of auditors specialized in BIM auditing

Advenser gives you the most experienced and skilled BIM auditors in the industry. Our expertise with both the imperial and metric systems ensures that all validations such as the level of detail, naming standards, and other design criteria are properly documented and followed.

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