Advenser is a leading BIM and CAD service provider offering a complete spectrum of top-notch shop drawings globally. We cater to the needs and specifications of our clients in compliance with industry standards. Our adept team of engineers, detailers, draftsmen, and software technicians generate highly precise and accurate set of shop drawings embracing the latest technology in short turnaround time.

The shop drawings generated by our team prove to be beneficial for architects, contractors, sub-contractors, fabricators, manufacturers, suppliers, owners, and developers during various stages of the project. Over the years we have worked alongside our clients in more than 30 countries, successfully handling projects of varying complexity and size. Our extensive experience in dealing with residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, government, and infrastructural projects make us a one-stop solution for all of your shop & fabrication drawing needs.  

Shop drawings function as a key aspect of any construction project, and they depict sizes, dimensions, assembly, material specifications, and other fabrication details. Our team of experts ensures that the shop drawings generated are reliable and conformant with the design intent. Our shop drawings assist the project execution crew in the following way –

  • ✓ It facilitates clear communication and easy access to information for all parties such as architects, MEP designers, and fabricators.
  • ✓ It helps in verification and validation by design team ensuring compliance with design and specifications.
  • ✓ It provides fabricators with all the information essential for assembling and fabricating the components.
  • ✓ It aids manufacturers to gain a clear understanding of the materials and instructions essential to fabricate the different elements.
  • ✓ It assists general contractors & erectors as it gives guidance for erecting the components efficiently & safely at site.
  • ✓ It helps in expediting the delivery timelines of your project significantly, and in availing maximum benefits reducing fabrication reworks and budget overrun.

Our Shop Drawings Service offerings:

Architectural, Structural, and MEP shop drawings are the three vital trades essential for any construction project. Our shop drawing service offering for all 3 disciplines of building construction projects- Architecture, Structure, MEP & HVAC together with Façade shop drawings are widely appreciated in the AEC industry for reliability and quality.

Architectural Shop Drawings:

Architectural shop drawings are significant for general contractors, interior contractors, millwork fabricators and civil contractors for accurate fabrication & construction tasks as they embed the precise details on component size, orientation, shape, location, assembly, and other crucial details.

Our Architectural Shop Drawing Services:
Architectural shop drawings

Structural Shop Drawings:

Structural Shop Drawings
Structural shop drawings are significant to the construction phase of a project and include structural layouts, elevations, sections & details of various structural systems. We offer shop drawings for accurate fabrication of precast, rebar & steel components.
Our Structural Shop Drawings Services:

MEP & HVAC Shop Drawings:

MEP and HVAC shop drawings including ducting and piping layouts prove to be useful to ensure coordination and clash resolution before actual on-site construction. They aid various parties throughout all stages of the project, providing comprehensive details for fabrication and installation of respective components, and in making informed decisions in various matters.
Our MEP & HVAC Shop Drawing Services:
Plumbing shop drawings

Façade Shop Drawings:

Facade Shop Drawings
Façade shop drawings are made to represent the geometry, location, connections and design details of different building exterior components. The main purpose of façade shop drawings is to provide guidelines for accurate fabrication, assembling and erection of various façade systems.
Our Facade Shop Drawings services:

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