Ducting shop drawings provide a detailed collection of information that act as a cornerstone for precise fabrication and installation. Mechanical components such as HVAC ducts, piping, plumbing components etc are prefabricated using MEP shop drawings. At Advenser, we utilize high end BIM tools such as Revit, FabMEP and AutoCAD to extract comprehensive MEP shop drawings from a coordinated BIM model detailed to LOD 300. Navisworks is used for MEP coordination to mitigate clashes between MEP systems and with architectural as well as structural members. Stand-alone drawing set such as HVAC duct shop drawings, Pipe shop drawings, Plumbing shop drawings and Electrical shop drawings are also produced for individual fabricators or contractors.

MEP Shop Drawing Services

Our MEP Shop Drawing Services:

Details for the fabrication and installation of sheet metal work, HVAC piping, plumbing, electrical and fire protection are embedded in our coordination shop drawings. We have amongst our clientele engineering consultants, general contractors, MEP subcontractors, fabricators, product manufacturers and facility managers from North America, Europe and Australia. Over the years, we have executed a diverse array of projects in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Plumbing shop drawings
Piping shop drawings

Our Experience:

Residential Apartments

Hospitals & Quarantine facilities

Underground Infrastructural utilities

Retail & commercial complexes

Medical laboratories

Educational institutions

Power plants, Industrial structures

Our shop drawings work as a second set of eyes for detecting discrepancies and issues before site erection. The MEP detailing team has decades of experience in construction projects and in-depth trade knowledge in fabrication and erection. The MEP shop drawings we produce are systematically well-organized and accurately consistent with the design. Our MEP coordination teams participate, or sometimes conduct, online coordination meeting with subcontractors responsible for mechanical, plumbing and electrical contractors, as part of the clash coordination process.

MEP shop drawings essentially compose drawings, diagrams, schedules, notes and illustrations of prefabrication and field installation. Dimensions, material sizes, work flows, detailed part drawings etc are examples of integral information contained in the shop drawings. Sequencing number of each shop drawing is marked separately. Model number and manufacturer identification of all components and materials are depicted. The codes and standards used are also shown in the shop drawings. Coordinated shop drawings illustrate the co-relation of each prefabricated element to the main assembly. Arrangement of Mechanical rooms, plant rooms, floor layouts, mechanical risers are also included in typical MEP shop drawings.

Coordination Drawings
Electrical Shop Drawings

Information embedded in MEP Shop Drawings:


Deviations from The Construction Documents

Altercations and changes in comparison with the original construction drawings are noted. Discrepancies are discussed and resolved between architects, engineers and individual MEP fabricators.


Reference to Construction Documents

Shop drawings offer architects and engineers the MEP fabricator’s interpretation of design. References to MEP Construction documents and specifications enable reviewing engineers to compare those with the shop drawings.


Details of Installation

This includes the information that is needed for assembling or installing the component successfully to the main assembly such as connection diagrams and step-by-step instructions.


Details for Prefabrication

Physical dimensions, material specifications, manufacturing protocols, custom fabrication instructions etc are part of the crucial information embedded in shop drawings for accurate fabrication. CAD drawings of the MEP component are shown from different angles.


Dimensions that Require Site Verification

Key dimensions that require verification with actual site conditions before fabrication, are also depicted in shop drawings.

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