Virtual Construction or Virtual Design construction (VDC) is the process of generating and managing a three dimensional virtual model of a building before actual construction integrating multi-disciplinary elements such as architectural, structural and mechanical. It involves creating a 3D model of the physical and functional characteristics of a building.  This real-time, dynamic model of the building embeds all the building data throughout the entire lifecycle of a facility, including the processes of design, construction and facility operation. Spatial coordination of all architectural, structural and MEP elements are done and clashes are resolved before actual construction. The multidisciplinary models of the comprehensive virtual model are logically integrated so that they all can mutually access the shared data. During the process, the virtual information model is handed from the architect to design team during pre-construction and subsequently to contractors and subcontractors during the construction stage. If during the project cycle, if any party alters or modifies any aspect of any of the elements, the virtual model consequently highlights or changes the dependent aspects of related models.

This enables easy tracking of changes and considerably reduces the information loss that occurs normally when a new team takes ownership of the project.  Sharing of a single model by all parties reduces potential error substantially. Visualization of the VDC model (or BIM model) of the actual building also helps early prediction and detection of clash possibilities between the various streams such as between MEP systems and structural components. Early detection hence results in early and hassle-free resolution, thereby reducing time loss and saving the cost considerably. Bill of Quantity (BOQ) can be extracted from the model and it will contain all data of scope and materials, directly or indirectly involved fabrication of components. Thus an accurate budget estimation of the project can be derived with the help of this BOQ. Thus a BIM model is not only a tool to identify and resolve issues, but it can also be used to provide estimates, plan schedules, and forecast budgets.

Advenser has developed the expertize on virtual construction since 2007 and have helped builders, general contractors and engineers since then to leverage the advantage of BIM and successfully deliver integrated projects. Our Virtual Design and Construction services offer the entire BIM range of services starting from LOD 200 to 500 covering design development, construction documentation, clash detection, fabrication model as well as an as-built model.

Advenser’s Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) services provide clients with the highest level of quality in their projects. Our VDC team is passionate about the use of technology to help our clients improve their construction quality. Advenser gives you the most experienced and skilled VDC team in the industry.

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