There has always been a gap between what an engineer or architect speak and what the customer understands. The immense potential of Virtual Construction makes it the ideal technology to bridge the gap between the two.

We at Advenser strive towards perfection and it is our objective to design structures that surpass all our client requirements. Being focused on our objective, we have incorporated the state of the art process of “Virtual design & Construction” (VDC) to enable effective and efficient utilization of BIM to its fullest potential.  Our Virtual Design and Construction services offer the entire BIM range of services starting from LOD 200 to 500 covering design development, construction documentationclash detection, fabrication model as well as an as-built model.

Incorporating VDC to the BIM model has a lot of advantages as it generates a tangible and quantifiable virtual model of the BIM model. VDC also facilitates in simulating the complexities of the construction project delivery, understanding the pitfalls the project teams are likely to encounter, analyzing these pitfalls and addressing them in a virtual world before any of the real world construction work ever takes place.

Our process of implementing VDC

1. Product visualization

With the help of product visualization tools such as AutoCAD ADT, and Revit, a 3D model of how the structure would look after construction is finished is developed to create a common understanding amongst the project participants.

3. Organizational Process Modeling

This phase includes simulation of organizational effort required to complete a project and analyzing the potential threats that may eventually lead to a delay in the project. Sophisticated software such as VDT and SimVision are utilized in this phase.

2. Product Modeling & Analyzing

The developed 3D model of the building is analyzed to understand how the building will be constructed over time. 4D visualization tools such as CommonPoint Project 4D and NavisWorks Timeline are utilized in this phase.

4. Online Collaboration

This phase includes the collaboration of project teams that may be situated in different parts of the globe using a shared model of the product.

Virtual Design and Construction first stage
VDC Third Stage
VDC Fifth Stage
VDC Seventh Stage
Virtual Design and Construction second stage
VDC Fourth Stage
VDC Sixth Stage
VDC Final Stage

Why Hire Advenser for VDC Coordination?

From our perspective, BIM is a tool or a smart object (model) that is parametric in nature, both of which are not yet being used to their fullest potential. This is where Advenser stands different in the crowd of construction management firms. We don’t rely solely on BIM, rather we use the tool called “BIM” in the process of “VDC” to ensure that the “BIM” model is used in a practical and highly effective manner throughout the lifespan of the project.

Quality oriented service

Helps reduce the project cost

Precise attention to detail

Safer Job sites

Affordable and efficient

Highly efficient site logistic management and safety planning

Helps in Quantity survey/estimate integration (5D)

Increased team communication, collaboration, and cohesion through a visual

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