BIM for Prefabrication and Industrialized Construction

Are you looking for an efficient way to design and deliver prefabricated structures? Our BIM services for prefabrication can make it happen!

Prefabrication is a process that allows the production and assembly of any construction in parts/components (“modules”). In this process, the construction work is performed off-site by the designers and engineers and then transported and assembled on the site in modules. Prefabrication and BIM together work wonders. Building Information Modeling brings significant improvements to the prefabrication process eliminating arduous calculations involved. The BIM-based prefabricated models/products are highly detailed parametric models representing the as-built replica of the physical product.

Backed by rich industry experiences, Advenser is highly engaged in offering qualitative prefabrication services. Our BIM in prefabrication & coordination services constitute a major share of your project’s success! Our comprehensive offered services have earned extensive appreciation from our global clients for their perfect execution and precision.

Our prefabrication work comprises developing as-built digital models of construction modules. These modules/assemblies as the name suggests are ready to be acquired and installed. Along with BIM technologies, our engineers work with various industrialized construction firms to digitize the project, providing a precise bill of materials along with design validation/documentation.

BIM for modular construction
prefab modules
BIM services for modular construction
Electrical prefab 3D
BIM for modular construction
BIM for prefabrication

Our BIM offerings for Prefabrication

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Generate installation drawings and assembly drawings

BIM for modular construction
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BIM for modular construction
MEP prefabrication pipework

Through our BIM-based prefabrication service offerings, we ensure that our clients boost their productivity and evaluate the risks to achieve their objectives. It also benefits in reducing wastage, automating iterative/repetitive tasks, and maintaining project timelines thereby saving your time and money on projects while also bringing the highest quality standards. We ensure to assist with your BIM and prefabrication needs for construction management throughout the entire project tenure.

Advenser partners and teams up with contractors, manufacturers, and construction companies globally across all industries. Are you willing to enrich your manufacturing process and accelerate your projects or have any prefabrication needs? Contact us to learn how we can improve your existing workflow.

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