Scan-to-BIM has turned out to be a boon to the AEC industry and is being widely adopted to optimize the BIM process and achieve great results. Advenser, being a renowned and eminent BIM service provider across the globe, also leads/pioneers in providing adept Scan-to-BIM services to the wide array of clientele including architects, construction companies, facility management companies, retailers, property owners, surveyors, contractors, MEP engineering firms, laser scanning companies, and heritage preservation department. We have successfully executed multiple projects over the past decade for our clients globally as per their project needs with reliable results and quick turnaround time.

Scan to BIM Services

Our proficient team of BIM Modelers and MEP Engineers with their vast experience and extensive knowledge help us in offering high-quality and sophisticated solutions for Scan-to-BIM Services. The input required from our clients is a Point Cloud Scan/Laser Surveyed data captured with the help of 3D Laser scanners, namely, Faro, Matterport, Leica, Riegl, Trimble, Topcon, Z+F. This scanned data is collected in the raw point cloud formats like- .fls, .fws, .las, .rcp, .rcs, .ptg, .pts, .ptx, .e57, .laz, .lsproj, .xfs, .cl3, .rdbx, .rsp, .xyb, .db, etc. which is then converted into Revit-Ready format.

Thus, leveraging the power of BIM and the use of BIM tools, our team generates a comprehensive, accurate, and detailed virtual BIM Model which can be used for multiple purposes like:-

Retrofit, Refurbishment and Renovation Projects
Heritage Conservation
Extension / Expansion Projects
As-built Projects
Documentation Purpose
Facility Management Operations

Our exceptional client-oriented approach along with significant industry proficiency and experience make us a trusted Scan-to-BIM Service provider.

Our Scan-to-BIM service offerings:

Conversion of Laser Scan Data to BIM Models:

Our adept team can convert the laser scan point cloud data into data-rich BIM models(Architecture/Structure/MEP) discipline with required LOD, as well as 2D CAD drawings from the information-rich BIM models for further use and reference.

As-built BIM Model Creation:

The As-built virtual BIM model created by our dedicated team from laser scans and point cloud data along with plans, elevations, drawings, and documentation can be further used for the renovation, repairs of a variety of infrastructures, like tunnels and bridges, roads; residential and commercial buildings, like hospitals, schools, residences, resorts, hotels, etc. from laser scans which need to be renovated or need expansions. This can also be intended to meet facility management operations.

BIM Model Creation for MEP:

The As-built virtual BIM models created in Revit for MEP services facilitate the process of coordination with other disciplines and clash detection at an early stage avoiding reworks and budget overrun.

Benefits of Outsourcing Scan-to-BIM Services to Advenser:

Highly skilled & experienced engineers
High-quality Services
Precise BIM Models Generated as per client’s requirements and LOD
Strict adherence to the international industry/building standards & codes
Advanced Tools and Technologies
Quick Turnaround Time
Cost-Effective Pricing
We are capable of working with all possible scan formats compatible with BIM tools

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