“Get accurate cost estimate, quantity takeoff, BOQ’s, BOM’s and cutting lists for your MEP projects from our experts“

With more than 12 years of strong global presence and experience of doing 900+ MEP projects, the top professionals at Advenser offer our clients accurate cost estimates and quantity takeoff for their MEP projects to aid them in project biddings and in estimating the total project cost!

Over the years we have worked with contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers spread across The US, Canada, The Middle East, Australia, Europe & New Zealand on projects ranging from residential to commercial and industrial buildings. It is this diverse experience we possess that makes us conversant in reading plans and combining technology enabling us to deliver accurate quantity takeoff in shorter turnaround time.

We ensure that we aid the stakeholders of a project in controlling the estimated cost by neutralizing the wastage and providing final information on the fabrication.

Our Process

“We understand the vitality of accurate quantity takeoffs for precise Construction Scheduling & Cost Estimation. Which is why we do a comprehensive Quantity Takeoff from a 5D BIM model”

MEP quantity take off


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Advenser for several years now. They are knowledgeable, highly dependable and a trusted partner.

Alex Bloom


Advenser has really helped my team out with getting out a set of coordinated documents out quickly and efficiently.

Brady Pennington


I have always been impressed by the professional delivery, by the very good communication and by the high commitment of everyone involved.

Ulrich Dietz


The CAD support we have been receiving from Advenser Engineering is far exceeding our expectations. Keep up the good work!

Paul Gere


I am very pleased with the work and the responsiveness of your team. They reply quickly to my questions/ comments and the drawings and model look great.

Daniel Folk


I have been very pleased with the services and reliability of Advenser. When my office gets backlogged I’m able to scale up with their help and keep up with the demand.



I thank Advenser for providing me support as and when required. I will surely recommend Advenser to all who need quality CAD solutions.

David Engler

Here at Advenser, based on the requirement of our clients we do

A list to calculate the approximate cost of project for bidding purpose

Quantity Takeoff using conventional methods

When you add Advenser to the loop, be sure that you have an additional advantage of receiving takeoffs in the shortest turnaround time with utmost accuracy!

Our Services

Professional Estimating Services

Cost Analysis

Blue Print Takeoff

BOQ & BOM Preparation

Review of Estimates

Cutting List Preparation

Our Deliverables


  1. A list to calculate the approximate cost of a project for bidding purpose.
  2. A list of materials required by a contractor, supplier or vendor to complete a contract or an order.
  3. A list of materials required by an owner or contractor to calculate the cost.
  4. A list of all raw materials, parts, intermediates, sub-assemblies, etc., (with their quantities and description) required to construct, overhaul, or repair something

Our Quality Assurance

Customer satisfaction is given predominant Importance at Advenser. Every engineering/estimation team at Advenser can comply with the internationally accepted standards and building codes.

We have a dedicated team of quality analysts headed by experienced quality control managers who closely monitors every project as it progresses.

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