The operational management or facility management (FM) team of a building project utilizes the comprehensive information about a project that is contained in the BIM model that was created during the pre-construction, construction and commissioning phases. This is a valuable set of data that can be used to improve the operational and maintenance efficiency of the building throughout its entire lifecycle.
Building projects often go through many changes during the construction stage that may not be a part of the original design drawings. The project execution team at the construction site often may be forced to take instant decisions depending on unforeseen site conditions. These changes in design however small must be captured and integrated into the BIM model throughout the construction phase. Adopting an integrated BIM project delivery approach ensures that the same BIM model that was created during the design phase is embedded with additional information during construction planning, coordination, and fabrication. The information from the design conception stage through construction to the final commissioning of the building is captured and unified continuously into the BIM model which can then be used to represent a record model for the as-built state of the building. This as-built BIM model can be used for the operation, maintenance and future renovation purpose.

Space Management

The As-built BIM model gives a concise understanding of existing space utilization within the building. The facility managers can use this data to track, analyze and optimize space management as amenity utilization. This ensures that the building performance efficiency is maximized.

Energy Management

The integrated information embedded in the BIM model helps facility managers and owners analyze and compare various energy alternatives thereby enabling them to adopt the most environment-friendly and economic approach. Continuous tracking of the various building performance factors such as daylighting, comfort, water consumption, low to zero carbon technologies and materials’ environmental impact enable them to formulate the best energy consumption strategy with minimum operational costs.

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Daily operations and preventive maintenance of the building structure (walls, roofs, floors, etc), mechanical-electrical-plumbing components can be performed utilizing the integrated information incorporated into the As-built BIM model. Maintenance, repair and replacement activities can be planned by the facility managers in advance depending on the model-names, warranties, maintenance manuals and servicing logs of all components.

Reconstruction and Renovation

The record BIM model of the as-built condition of the building provides a reference for planning future renovations and refurbishments. Facility managers are better informed about existing conditions of the building which help them adopt the least complex renovation decisions with minimal cost impacts.

With a vast experience record that Advenser holds in this field, we can generate As-built BIM models from the markups and also by point cloud to BIM modeling.  Our engineering team has created As-built models of residential as well as commercial structures. We understand best that the quality of data embedded in the BIM model is crucial from the Facilities Management (FM) standpoint.

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