The first part is to generate view filters for the family whose visual appearance needs to be customized.

  1. Find out the naming convention of the family. Select the required view type and go to Visibility Graphics using the ‘VG’ command to. Go to filters tab.
  2. You can create a new rule based filter by clicking ‘Edit New’ in ‘Add Filters’. Select the category to which the rules should apply and the required conditions to be conformed to. You can filter by Family name using the “contains” condition for handling the text entries. As long as the Family name has that text, the rules will work. You can duplicate, and rename the filters and modify the rules to create another new filter.
  3. The newly generated filters may now be added to the view filters.
  4. Now you can ‘Override’ the graphics settings as you need with the new rules in the VG dialog
  5. At this point, you may also use the customized view as a view template for subsequent views.

In the second stage, a legend can be generated using the legend components in the Annotation tab

  1. Place the component on the sheet. You may utilize the additional settings in the Options bar.
  2. Text or tags can be utilized to identify families.
  1. You can override the existing color by element to match the colors created earlier using View Filters:

Right-click > Override graphics in view > By element

Unlike other view, Legend Views have limitations in visibility settings as we can’t always apply the graphical overrides (VG, Filters etc) to Legend Views. Hopefully, it will get resolved soon.

  1. Using view filters, place both view and legend on a sheet.
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