BIM Services for Telecom Design and Tower Management

BIM services for Telecom Design

Telecom tower companies endeavor to have the most updated view of their complete tower portfolio “as is/as built.” The challenges in this sector mainly include fragmented data in silos, low tenancy ratio/tower, technology upgrades (e.g., 5G rollouts), market pressure from new players, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as well as high maintenance costs due to various expenditures. Therefore, it is utmost for any telecom company to upsurge operational efficiency and cut down the time-to-market of service delivery.

There is no doubt that digitization has emerged as a game-changing force that is confidently transforming the tower industry. It can potentially address some of the most crucial needs and completely transform the telecom tower landscape. BIM is one of these powerful digitization tools. The introduction or integration of BIM into the existing workflow of telecommunication tower design and construction accelerates the design process with precise results.

BIM Modeling:

Our BIM services suite streamlines network component integration and management throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring peak performance.

Site Modeling

Site Modeling

Precise and highly detailed 3D models of telecom sites, including towers, equipment shelters, and associated infrastructure required for operations and maintenance are created by our highly skilled crew of BIM modelers.

Tower Design with Analysis

Tower Design with Analysis

3D models of telecom towers are created followed by running an analysis for assessing their load-bearing capacity and compliance with industry standards.

Cable Routing

Cable Routing

The highly detailed created BIM models include accurate cable routing, confirming effective connectivity within the telecom sites.

Point Cloud Scan to BIM

Point Cloud (Scan-to-BIM)

Our talented team of BIM modelers can seamlessly transform point cloud data into detailed CAD/BIM models. This highly accurate 3D intelligent model serves as a valuable resource for site surveys, network planning, and further troubleshooting with regards to underground and overhead communication, fiber optics, and infrastructure mapping.

Asset Management

Asset Management

This solution provides continuous monitoring and predictive maintenance to support your tower’s lifecycle. The cable trays, conduits, and ducts can be efficiently managed to help mitigate the risk of cable damage and signal interference. It also aids in planning and visualizing antenna, poles, panels, etc. replacement for optimal coverage, efficient repairs or upgrades, and uninterrupted services.

Tower Design, Modifications and Mapping

Our competent team of modelers leverages advanced software technology like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Revit, to design towers meeting your requirements. The deliverables here include comprehensive site plans, structural details, elevation drawings, blueprints, equipment layouts, etc. as per the client’s requirements.Our team is also adept at managing all tower modifications, if any.

Network planning and administration require accurate mapping. Our tower mapping services aim to provide you with a thorough overview of the network. This includes tower location mapping utilizing tools like ArcGIS and Google Earth Pro to furnish site maps, tower location diagrams, line-of-sight analysis reports, etc.

Revit Content Creation

We also aid in developing Revit families for telecommunications network components. This includes template creation, library development, telecommunications equipment, structural elements, and contextual elements.

These content families act as a foundation where upon detailed and accurate BIM models are constructed, enabling efficient network planning, coordination, and management.

BIM Documentation Services

As-built Drawings

Our crew of expert professionals produces precise as-built drawings, which perfectly document the actual network’s configuration for future reference. We deliver tower As-built Drawings for all types of telecom towers (Greenfield, Rooftop, IBS, etc.) as per the client’s demands.

We guarantee that your network will be accurately represented and efficiently managed in the future without any interruptions. The As-built documentation also supports compliance reporting, maintenance activities, and future expansion projections.

Fabrication Drawings

Our seasoned professionals extend their expertise in creating meticulous fabrication drawings, thereby directing the manufacturing process of network components.

Detail Drawings

With minute attention to detail, the detailed detail drawing solution offers precise close-up views of network components or segments for better installation, troubleshooting, and upgrades. We also deliver detailed design drawings for Tower Retrofitting or Tower Replacement.

Telecommunications Construction Drawings

Our competent team generates accurate construction drawings for telecommunications networks. These vital resources steer the network construction process, ensuring unified and efficient installations.

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