Most of the reputed Design-Build companies make it a practice get an objective validation of the BIM models developed in-house. This helps to verify and ensure the accuracy and consistency of the information contained in the Building Information Model (BIM).

Audit steps

  1. Documentation review
  2. Conformance to best industry recognized best practices of BIM implementation
  3. Adherence to local Building codes
  4. Compliance to National BIM standards
  5. Model integrity and accuracy verification against the design Intent
  6. Design confirmation and validation
  7. Review of LOD against scope & objective of design function
  8. Check Model conformity with the generated2D drawings
  9. Model checking/auditing (space compliance, incorrect object use etc)

The process consists of standard checks such as checking the folder structure, naming conventions, drawing & sheet naming as well as integral checks such as design verification and validation along with building code adherence. In order to ascertain that the outputs such as CD sets, shop drawings and bill of quantity (BOQ), from your BIM model are reliable, adherence to industry best practices, standards, and Levels of Development (LOD) is mandatory.

Our vast and wide experience of creating BIM models for a plethora of building types such as commercial/ residential buildings, hospitals, prisons, schools, metro stations and water treatment as well as industrial plants can be utilized to review the BIM model against the indented design and solve any anomaly to give you the best result. Our expertize with both the imperial and metric systems ensure that all validations such as the level of detail, naming standards, and other design criteria are properly documented and followed.

Our team will evaluate the level of detail employed in your project against the design criteria based on which you constructed the model. After the thorough auditing, we will furnish you with a report on the BIM model whether it meets the industry level standards and where your model might need improvement.

Advenser has developed the expertize on virtual construction since 2007 and have helped builders, general contractors and engineers since then to leverage the advantage of BIM and successfully deliver integrated projects. Our Virtual Design and Construction services offer the entire BIM range of services starting from LOD 200 to 500 covering design development, construction documentation, Clash detection, fabrication model as well as as-built model.

Advenser’s Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) services provide clients with the highest level of quality in their projects. Our VDC team is passionate about the use of technology to help our clients improve their construction quality. Advenser gives you the most experienced and skilled VDC team in the industry.

BIM Consulting

Advenser act as a strategic BIM partner to the client educating and training them

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An Offshore BIM team works just like a virtual extension of the client’s organization

BIM implementation

Advenser adopts BIM implementation strategies depending on the standards

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By partnering with us, companies can leverage the advantages of BIM

BIM Object Library

Custom Revit family creation is the process of creating a library of building products

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Advenser, empower you to adopt integrated approach in project delivery

COBie services

COBie is a standard data format used in the data gathering of a building during its design

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