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BIM for Facade Engineering

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30 Hours

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About this Course

This course gives you in-depth knowledge about application of BIM in Façade engineering. The course starts with basics of Façade and covers relevant concepts in BIM like LOD. Also, learn how to use BIM software’s like Revit to Model, detail and connect various components and elements using our specialised workshops and training sessions. Also get hands on training in coordination and clash detection with other trades by leveraging BIM technology.
BIM certificate program

Topics covered


Overall Knowledge in Facade (Basics and Types)


Parametric BIM Modeling of Profiles


Curtain Walling and Anchoring


BIM Modeling of Insulated Wall Panels


Coordination and Clash Detection


Practical application and software use

Why you should attend this course?

Gain broad understanding and knowledge of facade engineering. This is to ensure that they will have the skill, knowledge and understanding to design, manufacture and construct building facades. Bring to market innovative façade technologies, efficient glazing, shading systems, day-lighting systems, and integrated controls with significant potential for increased energy efficiency in buildings beyond applicable standards.


Student must complete BIM Proficiency Training prior to starting add on course of choice.

Course delivery

Course is delivered using courseware and software with 24/7 lab facility.

How to apply

You can apply by clicking on “Contact us”
Please call +1 215 934 2868 or
email [email protected] for more information.

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