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BIM for Civil & Environmental Engineering

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About this Course

This is an add-on course about fundamentals in BIM infrastructure covering basic terms in infrastructure BIM modeling. Here you will learn in detail about managing survey data, roadway geometry modelling, gravity pipe network and pressure pipe network. In addition, learner gains exposure with hands on training in Autodesk Civil 3D. Autodesk Civil 3D is a feature-packed design and documentation solution for civil engineering, design, and surveying. By mastering the best-in-class tools within Civil 3D, you can boost your efficiency and effectiveness as a civil engineer, surveyor, or designer.

In this course, learn to use the tools in Civil 3D as you work through our workshops and practical sessions. Also learn how to model a surface, road alignments, lay out parcels, and design road geometry in plan and profile views. After that understand how to create corridors, roundabouts, gravity pipe networks, pressure pipe networks etc.

BIM certificate program

Topics covered


Fundamentals of BIM Infrastructure


Managing Survey Data


Roadway Geometry Modeling in Civil 3D


Gravity Pipe Network


Pressure Pipe Network


Practical application and software use

Why you should attend this course?

Civil engineers are responsible for infrastructure on a large scale, a career in civil engineering involves the design and development of everything from the new village hall to nationwide energy supply with various opportunities. In this course, our experts combine theoretical and practical knowledge of engineering by mastering the planning, budgeting, management, and analysis of projects large and small.


Student must complete BIM Proficiency Training prior to starting add on course of choice.

Course delivery

Course is delivered using courseware and software with 24/7 lab facility.

How to apply

You can apply by clicking on “Contact us”
Please call +1 215 934 2868 or
email [email protected] for more information.

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