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3D Scanning & BIM Conversion

Course No. ATST05


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60 Hours *

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USD 2,799
Enrollment for the advanced course will begin by June 2022

* The course duration may vary based on trainee(s) skill level to complete project tasks and assignments in lesser duration.

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About this Course

Scan-to-BIM is typically applied on projects where an existing building needs to be captured, such as a refurbishment, a conservation project, or an extension to an existing building. However, it has also proved useful on new build projects, used to create a record of the existing context and adjacent buildings and structures, or when a building needs to be captured before demolition.
BIM certificate program

Topics covered


Provide Specialized Knowledge of point cloud to BIM Conversion


Understanding 3D scanning and selection of scanners


Point Cloud Density


Methods of Conversion


Creating a full model in Revit based on given scan data

Why you should attend this course?

In this course you will get the specialized and hands-on knowledge in Scan to BIM process.
Get essential insights into point cloud data fundamentals, scanners, softwares and workflow of scan to BIM process.


Student must have knowledge in basic BIM concepts with minimum 1 year experience in AutoCAD drafting/ designing.

Course delivery

Course is delivered in-person (classroom session) or online session (with remote access to system in BIM Lab) based on applicant’s choice.

How to apply

You can apply by clicking on “Contact us”
Please call +1 215 934 2868 or
email [email protected] for more information.

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