Precast Panel Detailing Case Study

Accolade Avenue

Industrial Development

Project Information

Building Type: Proposed Industrial Development

Location: NSW, Australia

Inputs: Architectural/ Structural Drawings

Deliverables: Tekla Model, GA & Shop drawings

Software: Tekla

Services: Precast Wall Panel Modeling & Detailing, Steel Modeling & Detailing


Our task was to model and detail 300 wall panels using Tekla Structures software for an industrial building. The panels are 150 mm thick, and various types are included in the project such as solid panels, lintel panels, blade panels, finger panels, and retaining walls with precast slabs.

Our scope of work

Our scope also encompassed developing the Tekla model and incorporating essential connections in the panels based on structural specifications and standards. Our internal team also handled the steel modeling, making the coordination of panel-to-steel connections easier to manage.

Business Model Adopted

Hourly basis business model was used for this project.


Navigating through the project posed its own set of challenges and the most challenging aspect was the limited input details.


Initially we submitted the Erection layouts to the client. Upon receiving approval, we proceeded with detailing individual panels and submitted various types of panel shop drawings to the client. After receiving feedback, we continued with the remaining parts of the project.

Precast panel detailing for industrial development
Precast panel detailing for industrial development
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