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    • » For strict Quality Control (Q/C) and time-based delivery of projects, Advenser follows a strong business and analysis model until the final product is delivered to the client.
    • » Once we receive a specific project enquiry from a client, we request the client to send some sample files to better understand the project. And for security reasons we also request the client to sign the NDA & Non-Competition Agreement with Advenser.
    • » Once we receive the signed agreement as well as the sample project with necessary details regarding the project — the assigned Project Manager, Sales department, Finance department, and Quality Analysis department conducts a high-level analysis to study the feasibility as well the turnaround time required to complete the project.
    • » On ascertaining the feasibility and turnaround time of the project, we convey this information as well as our project understanding to the client. This helps the client to know if our project understanding is as per his/her requirements. If not then he/she can rectify us immediately.
    • » Once the client is satisfied that our project understanding is as per his/her requirement, we prepare a formal proposal with project specification, cost estimation and time frame required. We then send it to the respective client.
    • » On getting the purchase order or approval from the client, we request the client to send the complete set of files with all the required details. The assigned project manager then conducts a meeting with his/her designing team and elaborates on the requirements of the project.
    • » After clearly understanding client’s specific requirements, they prepare a project schedule and start working on the project. On the other hand the on-time delivery department constantly monitors the progress of the project by comparing it with the project schedule, to see to it that the project is completed on time.
    • » After the completion of the project, our Quality Analysis team checks for errors to make sure that our final product is of top quality. Once satisfied, the final project is sent with Quality Certificate and/or Quality Report to the On-Time Delivery Monitoring Department, who in turn sends the quality approved final project to the client followed by an intimation of the invoice.
    • » After 15 days of sending the completed project, if no issues, with regard to the project, have been raised by the client, the Accounts department will send the invoice to the client.

    • » All the employees of ADVENSER sign the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
    • » No unauthorized person is allowed to enter the premises of ADVENSER.
    • » Security persons are deployed at all key points of the office premises.
    • » Document storage area is well protected.
    • » Employees are restricted to enter any other place other than their working premises.
    • » Data storage devices (CD, DVD, Flash drive, Floppy etc.) are not allowed inside the office without the permission of the concerned HOD.
    • » Server rooms are kept inaccessible to employees other than the system administrators.
    • » Our network is well protected with hardware firewalls and updated antivirus software.

    • » All data provided by the client will be kept confidential, and will be the property of the client.
    • » Our company and staff agree that no information regarding the project provided by the client will be disclosed to any third party, without the prior consent of the client.
    • » We also agree that we will not reproduce any of the documents with confidential information of our client.
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